Tipple and Slaw – Two Variables for an Awesome Dine In and Night Out

When people think about nightlife, loud music, and alcohol, they go to a place which is of course, the typical bar which Tipple & Slaw is not just about. Yes, they do loud music and you will probably see this place filled with people, but they also actually have some great food to munch on! Plus, if you are that really good looking individual from Friends who sometimes hides himself in the persona of Ken Adams, then you will absolutely jump on the hype that is Tipple & Slaw.

If what we are talking about is not obvious to you, then let us spell it out for you: If you are such a Joey Tribbiani, then you will totally fall head over heels in love with Tipple & Slaw as they take your trusty sandwich to new heights of awesomeness. In the hopes of giving the metro the artisanal sandwiches people have been drooling ever since, Tipple & Slaw has been born, and has been providing the tastiest, most filling sandwich variants as each can stand as a complete satisfying meal on their own.

However, with the rave for Tipple & Slaw’s amazing sandwiches, we opted to try out other nomnoms that would surely make us and you go yumyum.


To start, we got to conquer an adventure of crunchy, cheesy fun that is Tipple & Slaw’s Sizzling Nachos (Php 380). With cheese sauce, chorizo, and sour cream & onion, this is the kind of starter that would make your mouth water for more.


Another starter is the Truffle Mushroom Pizza – truffle paste, crispy shrooms, two cheese, and squid in crust, this pizza is a fun, delicious power-up adventure for Super Mario.


For some meaty job, order Tipple & Slaw’s Shawarma Rice. This dish is made up of shawarma beef, Greek salsa, curry rice, and green garlic sauce. This one is truly a dish of different flavors that all goes well together.


If you are a chicken fan, The Fried Chicken is an order of chicken fillet, dirty spice, and bacon chicken fat gravy. It is a dish of total goodness that each and every bite would be a crispy delight.


When an order of The Fried Chicken is not enough, then go grab some Dirty Wings. Take pleasure in every crispy wing that comes with dirty spice and truffle honey. Bursting with flavors, this dish is pure enjoyment!

After all those scrumptious dishes, thanks to Tipple & Slaw, the last two we are going to double down are drinks – Salted Caramel Pretzel Milkshake and Cherry Slush Margarita.


The Salted Caramel Pretzel Milkshake is a lively drink of sugar rush which we absolutely love. The blend of sweet and subtle saltiness that is in this beverage has made this one a marriage of a dessert and a lovely drink.


While the Cherry Slush Margarita is a splendid, adorable drink that is perfect for that sought after relaxation from that almost life-sucking everyday worries.

With Tipple & Slaw keeping everyone alive and giving the market its well-deserved food choices and rejuvenating bar menu, it is no surprise that this place is kickin’ even on a down day! Yummy food + delicious drinks = Tipple & Slaw, so what are you waiting for? Save up your energy for a fun relaxing night with your buds.

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