Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew Has Some New Yummies Waiting For You

If you are going to ask us what restaurant we truly missed dining in is, our answer will be straight up Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew. Ever since we got a taste of their food and drinks in their Kapitolyo branch, they surely have established their spot in our minds, hearts, and of course, our palate. Not only do we think their food is downright superb and scrumptious, but also, we just love the fiesta-like ambience they have always going on! Upon entering their restaurant, we just know right away that we will definitely have a good time.

As that is the case, we were no doubt looking forward to dining with them again and fortunately, we were able to do exactly that just recently. Undeniably, we were looking forward for this day to happen and when it finally happened, we were extra happy about the fact that we even got first dibs on their new releases!

It is no secret that everyone had a hard time when we all went through lockdown, even Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew had to ride huge waves to be able to get by. Fortunately for them, they made it and now they are very much ready to welcome everyone again with a bunch of new drool-worthy meals!

Let’s start with their Combinado! Set Meals – these ones are plates filled with your choice of protein, buttered corn and carrots, tortilla chips, and fried egg. Sounds yum, right? Of course, they are!

Currently, their Combinado! Set Meals come in six different choices – Beef Set (Php 300) which is burger steak with beef jus gravy, Pork Set #1 (Php 275) which has 3 pieces of pork skewers with spiced vinegar, Pork Set #2 (Php 340) which is grilled pork chop with honey lime vinaigrette, Chicken Set (Php 275) which is chicken mojo with honey lime vinaigrette, Seafood Set #1 (Php 275) which is fish fillet with honey chipotle sauce, and Seafood Set #2 (Php 340) which is stuffed shrimp and crab with mango mayo sauce! These Combinado! Set Meals also include rice which could be of arroz latino, soy garlic, or steamed rice.

Truly, their Combinado! Set Meals are a must-try! Not only are these great for when you want to treat yourself and when you are on a budget, but also, these are great for when you have a huge appetite to satisfy, believe us.

Speaking of a huge appetite, dining with Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew will really not disappoint you even when you have your friends and family with you, because they sure could cater to your hangry loved ones too. Thanks to their Platters which are sumptuous choices of food trays ready to be devoured, you guys will certainly have a good time with them!

For their platters, you will positively be able to find something regardless if you are looking for seafood, pork, or beef! Right now, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew has Cheesy Baked Prawns, Chipotle Crispy Chicken, Cut Pork Skewers (20 Sticks), Roast Beef, and Steak Rice on Paella Pan all available as platters!

You can also try their Tittos Street Taco Kit which is not only delicious but is a blast for you to make since you get to decide what filling you want your taco to have.

Of course, aside from Platters and Combinado! Set Meals which are all savories, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew made sure to drop some new sweet treats too. This time they added frozen desserts which are in tin can – perfect for sharing or for when you have a huge sweet tooth to fill!

Their Dulce De Leche Cheesecake which is topped with cornflakes for extra texture, Frozen Brazo de Mercedes which is just hands down heavenly, and their Chocolati Cake which is stunning and has eight delectable layers are all just an absolute dream! Each of these desserts are indeed magical and we are so glad that no matter how many times we pinch ourselves, we still were delighting in it!

Indeed, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew continues to impress us and hook us with what they have to offer. Now we cannot even wait to dine with them again so we are telling right now to try them out as well, because you will 110% not be disappointed!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tittosmnl/

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