Tiya Osa’s: Your favorite Tita is now here to give you a heavy belly

Tiya Osa’s is an online food delivery service that not only offers peanuts, cornicks, and dulong, but also has homecooked viands available for grabs. They have been turning hungry bellies into satisfied ones by bringing delicious food into their customers’ homes, so if you are one for convenience and quality, Tiya Osa’s will sure not disappoint!

Want something you could easily reach for and nibble on while busy? Tiya Osa’s has snacks that are great for that such as their Krispy Peanuts (80 grams Php 35 | 180 grams Php 75 | 240 grams Php 95 | 280 grams Php 110) and Mixed Nuts (80 grams Php 40 | 240 grams Php 110) which both come in Regular and Spicy, as well as their Krunchy Kornik (80 grams Php 37 | 200 grams Php 90).

Other than those, Tiya Osa’s is offering Dulong also known as Silver Fish (50 grams Php 90 | 120 grams Php 178 | Php 260) which can be enjoyed in Regular or Spicy as well.

And of course, as mentioned, Tiya Osa’s has some homecooked meals which is great for when you are short on time and you need a delicious fix. For some meaty options, their Morcon (1/2 kilogram per roll Php 500), Hamonado (1/2 kilogram per roll Php 400, and Kare-Kare (1 kilogram which includes 10 pieces of meat Php 950) are a few popular choices that you should definitely try!

Meanwhile, if you are more on seafood, Tiya Osa’s could satisfy you, too, as they have Rellenong Bangus (full size Php 400) and Tortang Alimasag. These two lipsmacking good options will surely delight you in every way possible, so don’t miss out on these as well!

Tiya Osa’s is truly a one stop shop for any of your cravings as they also have Kakanin up for grabs. Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more.

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