Tokyo Tempura: Talk about a snack like no other at Uptown Parade

Walking along the lovely streets of BGC? Or maybe strolling around the vicinity of Uptown Parade? Whatever you are doing, as long as you are near the area, and you feel like your tummy is acting up as you are hungry, no need for you to worry, because we got the perfect snack for you to munch on all the while taking your time and enjoying the scenery.

Tokyo Tempura is said to be the first ever Tempura food cart concept and surely people who have tried it are thankful for it. It is, afterall, giving all markets a taste of Japan’s world famous Ebi tempura at an affordable price, so yes, no burnt holes will appear in your pocket.

However, it is not only because of its affordability that people like you love it, but also because Tokyo Tempura is offering a lot of tasty variants to choose from that could cater different moods for food. They got bucket sizes ranging from having 4 pieces in it to having 12 pieces in it, so there really is something for whatever appetite you are having.

Tokyo Tempura also has different flavors, you know? They got classic and they also have glazed which comes in more variants and which actually is an easy favorite! But wait, they are also not just only serving ebi or shrimp tempura, as they also have kani tempura also known as crab sticks tempura! Plus, they have chilli cheese tempura as well which is great for when you feel like treating your palate to an adventure of crunch and spice.

You see, Tokyo Tempura is not also just about satisfying a single customer, because they sure have a Family Bucket that has 45 pieces of delicious tempura in it. You could go for only ebi or maybe even a mix of ebi and kani – totally your choice!

Tokyo Tempura stalls certainly has been popping here and there, but then again, if you are in BGC, their Uptown Parade stall is your best bet!

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Address: Ground Floor, Uptown Parade, 36th Street, Corner 9th Ave, Taguig

Contact Number: 6612822

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