Too Tired? Just Call Kingsford Hotel’s In-Room Dining for Dinner

Kingsford Hotel might have started to be a hotel for business, but now they have become a hotel for leisure as well. Indeed, mixing business with pleasure is no crime; you just have to set some boundaries and acknowledge them, if you are to ask us. Frankly speaking, we are people who mix business and pleasure most of the time – and yes, sometimes, exhaustion from all the work we are doing could get the better of us. Good thing we got Kingsford Hotel’s In-Room Dining at our beck and call when we were staying with them.

Kingsford Hotel sees that their guests’ needs and wants are more than met and we are so grateful for being at the receiving end of that kind of excellent service and hospitality. That said, as we have found ourselves all caught up with today’s tasks and our bodies almost don’t want to get up from our cozy and comfy beds, we decided to just pick up our room phone and order some dishes from their In-Room Dining selection instead.

Hail Caesar

Giving us a boost to start refueling our bodies was their Hail Caesar (Php 320). This salad is a refreshing mix of grilled cajun shrimp, romaine lettuce, parmesan, bacon, and dehydrated spinach sardines. A tasty treat that had us reaching for more, no doubt!

Spaghetti Prinsisita

The next dish we reached for was their Spaghetti Prinsisita (Php 380) and as pasta lovers, this surely hit the spot! Made with spaghetti pasta, tomato basil, olives, cream cheese, eggplant, asparagus, chili flakes, and herbed focaccia, we could not even stop ourselves from slurping all of it, until all we had was an empty plate.

Of course, we are not going to miss out on the chance of digging into a hearty plate from the Rice Topping option. Their Chicken Tops (Php 380) was Hainan style fried chicken, together with vegetable fried rice with kecap manis, red pepper sauce, and garlic oil – an undeniably tasty and comforting dish, if you ask us.

As we got to taste and enjoy more of the dishes that we got from their Kingsford Hotel’s In-Room Dining selection, of course we also made sure to not sleep on their Chef’s Specials, as we have heard so many good things about their chef!

Pan Fried Chicken with Woodland Mushroom Pilaf
Pan Fried Chicken with Woodland Mushroom Pilaf

Their Pan Fried Chicken with Woodland Mushroom Pilaf (Php 400) is a plate of shallow-fried chicken leg fillet with stir-fried Asian vegetables, steamed jasmine rice, and served with red wine sauce. We don’t know how it was possible but this dish was both light and heavy at the same, and we are not complaining one bit. In fact, we loved it!

Miso Glazed Fish Fillet

Speaking of another dish we loved, their Miso Glazed Fish Fillet (Php 400), which is pan seared fish fillet glazed with miso sauce, and served with stir-fried vegetables and steamed rice was savory and refreshing. Truly, a wonderful fish dish that was just hard to resist; and why would we resist anyway, right?

Gochujang Pork Slices

If you are looking for more irresistible dishes, then consider your search over, because their Gochujang Pork Slices (Php 400) has got you covered! A plateful of marinated pork belly strips in Gochujang sauce with stir-fried carrots and cabbage, spiced cucumber, fried tofu, and served with steamed rice? There is nothing else to say but “Yes, please!” when the opportunity to have this presents itself.

Aside from that, their Litsong Pork Belly (Php 400) is a scrumptious and sumptuous choice you have got to get your hands onto as well! We are telling you, this crispy rolled pork belly served with pickled vegetables, liver sauce, fermented vinegar, and served with steamed rice is very much worth all the energy and effort we have exerted to finish all our tasks today!

Craving for more meat and veggies in that classic and familiar FIlipino flavor? Well, their Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Php 400) will absolutely give you what you are craving for and more! This one is a serving of crispy fried pork belly in rich peanut and annatto sauce, steamed lowland vegetable, alongside slow cooked ginamos, and if you really know your Filipino food, then you know this dish is top-tier Pinoy food you should not miss out on.

Last, but certainly not the least, is another FIlipino classic. Their Sinigang na Pork Belly (Php 400) is ready to wrap you in warmth and comfort in every sip you make. A bowl of deep fried pork belly simmered in tangy tamarind broth, together with eggplant, snake beans, okra, and radish? There is nothing homier than everyone’s comfort dish, believe us.

Kingsford Hotel really is not joking when they said they could bring the feast to our room! With their In-Room Dining, there really is no need for you to lift a finger unless it is to press the call button of your room phone, like we did. To know more about Kingsford Hotel’s In-Room Dining, follow them on their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details.

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