Tra Vinh of Australia – An authentic Vietnamese Experience!

One of the many things that I love to do is exploring.  May it be in fashion, make-up, technology, or food.  So when I heard that there is a new Vietnamese Resto within Banawe, I couldn’t contain my excitement because I know there will be a lot of new things that I will be able to explore.

A peek from the outside would make you think that this fancy and spacious restaurant has a very pricey menu.

When you step inside, you won’t fail to notice how straightforward but modern their interiors are.  It should also be well noted that they are a Pest Free Environment. An important thing that all restaurant owners should always take into account.

The Vietnam decors and design were intricately visible all over the place.  They even have a brief history posted on the wall.


Michael, the owner was very accommodating enough to keep us company and introduced us to his menu.

First he introduced the Goi Cuon Thom Tit (Special Fresh Spring Rolls).  These spring rolls is possibly the biggest one I had seen.  They made sure that every piece is literally stuffed with a generous amount of prawns, pork, fresh salad and rice vermicelli.  Plus, their peanut sauce is so amazingly good.


Then, he went to highlight two of their best selling noodle soups. The Hu Tieu Tra Vinh Dac Biet (Tra Vinh Special Noodle Soup)  was the first one I tasted.  I must say, with my first sip, that I instantly fell in love with it. It’s basically a noodle dish with a light but tasty broth with quail eggs, prawn, squid, sliced pork loin, fish balls, and egg noodles.  I even love the prawn cracker that was on top.


Then, there was the Phở Dac Biet (Combination Beef Noodle Soup).  This Pho is of Beef Bone-Base packed with 16 traditional herbs and spices. Adding to it’s flavorful taste is the cooked and raw New Zealand beef shoulder, beef balls, beef tripe, and fresh vegetables.


While, I was happily savoring these two noodle soups I was also enjoying the taste of their House Blended Vietnamese Iced Tea.


I was also rather curious on how the Vietnamese would prepare their dessert.  So the moment that the Hat Sen Nhan Nhuc (Dried Longgan with Lotus Seed) was served.  I dive right in.

It was like their version of our Halo-halo, except for the fact that theirs has white fungus,  coconut milk, barley, longgan, dates and prunes on top.  Dates was supposed to be Lotus seed but they ran out of it.  It was very refreshing to eat a dessert that’s iced cold and not too sugary.  It was prepared with just the right amount of sweetness.

Lastly, I just couldn’t resist trying their Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  The coffee enthusiast side of me wants to get to know more how their coffee taste like.

DSC_0248Complete with a drip filter sitting on top of the cup which is how the Vietnamese would prepare it, Michael prepared the Iced Coffee for me.  Paired with sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes, I must say I enjoyed the strong taste of their coffee that got sweeten a little bit because of the milk.

Overall, I must say that it was indeed an authentic Vietnamese experience for me.  From the all imported ingredients that the dishes is made up of, the decorations all over the restaurant and the very appealing menu presentation.

Truly, it was an establishment worth exploring for.  Not only you get to taste authentic Vietnamese dishes, you also get to try them at an incredibly affordable price.


Tra Vinh of Australia

Address:  Unit 3, 109 NS Amoranto Corner Cordillera Barangay, Maharlika,Banawe, Quezon City
Contact Number: 2469069
Store Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM Mondays to Sundays

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