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Like its flower namesake, Azalea Residences is known for its beauty and elegance, which is why it is not surprising that a lot of tourists and vacationers consider this place as their home away from home when they are in Baguio. But unlike the flower, Azalea Residences does not only bloom in spring, because this haven of world-class accommodation and high quality service could be visited all year long.

What makes Azalea Residences even greater is the fact that it nestles within its walls a great food sanctuary where your family can enjoy sumptuous feasts fit for a king.


Azalea Residence’s Tradisyon offers a wonderful food experience that would satisfy whatever your cravings are.





Pinoy Favorites

They offer sumptuous Filipino dishes that are made from the finest and freshest ingredients. You would fall in love all over again with classic Filipino cuisines like Bagnet Iloco, Binagoongan, Kinalas ng Bicol, Inihaw na Baboy, and Pinaputok na Tilapia. You would certainly enjoy their vegetable dishes such as their Baguio Chopseuy, Tradisyon Baguio Greens, and Pinakbet, which are made from nothing less than freshly harvested Baguio vegetables.



Their seafood offerings do not fall behind their list of amazing food. You could choose between a wide list of their seafood offerings such as Tilapia and Chips, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Prawn Linguine and Grilled Squid.


One of the dishes that you should definitely not miss is their Bulasing, which is a mix of Bulalo and Sinigang. This fusion of our two favourite Filipino dishes is perfect to warm up your bellies in the cold Baguio weather.

International Flavors

Tradisyon also has you covered even when your food cravings turns international. Their expansive menu will take you around the world, and you are surely in for an amazing gastronomical ride.


If you are hungry for some for unique flavors, Tradisyon offers a myriad of Mexican Dishes that would satiate your cravings.

On days when you are looking for some oriental taste, you could treat yourself for their Asian offerings such as their Cantonese Noodles and Taste of Asia.


Their Chinese hotpot is something that you shouldn’t miss. This bowl of savory goodness is made up of different kinds of fresh Baguio vegetables, various kinds of meat, and of course the flavourful broth.

Drinks and Desserts

Guests with a sweet tooth would be in for a treat with the variety of amazing dessert that Tradisyon has to offer.


You should definitely take a bite (or more) of their amazing Tresh Leches Cake, which is oozing with milky goodness with just the right amount of sweetness.


Their Tres Quezo and Yema cake are also absolute must tries.


Complete your meal with one of their amazing drink choices. The Azalea Hot Chocolate is a perfect partner for the cool Baguio weather, its luscious chocolate flavour is a treat for the senses, so be sure to be able to take a sip.



But if you are in for a chill, then their classic strawberry milkshake and Mango strawberry milkshake is the drink for you. Needless to say, these are made from the freshest Baguio strawberries.















As night falls, you could opt to enjoy special alcoholic and non alcoholic concoctions from Azalea’s 8 degress bar. Some of their prized mixtures named after famous Baguio spots such as the Baguio Daiquiri, a blend of Rum, Strawberries and a dash of sugar, Trinidad Rose, which is made up of Tequila, Orange Juice and Grenadine Syrup, Session Road a blend of Brandy, Rum, Orange Liqueur and Orange Juice and Kennon Road, a mix of vodka, tequila and, rum, gin, sour mix, orange liqueur and cola.

Tradisyon Pinoy Comfort Food is one of the reasons to love Azalea Residences more, as you would enjoy not only world class comfort but also world class food experience brought to you by Tradisyon.

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Tradisyon Restaurant – Azalea Residences

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