Travel and savor different flavors across the globe in one venue which is Olivia & Co.


Olivia is that wanderlust who could not just sit still and let her imagination run wild because she knows her imagination would not be able to do justice in regards to the beauty of the world and so she heads on to pack her bag, sail sea to sea, fly continent to continent and go see, touch, feel, and taste the wonders of the world first hand – just like how an experience should actually be.




With that wonderful story, Olivia & Co. has been conceptualized and actualized into a modern day bistro highlighting original creations showcasing not only comforting flavors, but exciting ones as well. Featuring flavors around the world, Olivia & Co. is also rocking a whimsical vintage vibe themed interior that is of travel theme, perfect for urbanites in the pursuit of an all-day dining spot.





As Olivia & Co. is offering such a varied experience for its diners, while it is also being set as a go-to bistro for not only families, but also students, a significant number of all-time favorites Asian flavors could be enjoyed, including the vibrant Mediterranean cuisines, to the deep spices of Indian, and even down to the gentle balance of the Oriental. Surely, Olivia continues to learn and discover different waters, skies, and grounds across the globe while sharing everything she had experienced by putting it on our tables and plates.


Of course, being people who loves to experience as well, we are not to let this opportunity of tasting what Olivia & Co. has to offer pass – starting with two of their Salads which are Thai Pomelo Salad and Waldorf Salad.


The Thai Pomelo Salad (Php 320) has some crunchy greens, citrus fruit, carrots, pomelo, and dressing that makes the whole dish a blend of sweet and sour, combined with some punch of crunch.


Followed by the Waldorf Salad (Php 300) which is deliciously made with greens, thin sliced apples, plum, nuts, and dressing which gives this dish a sweet aroma and fun crunch adventure in every forkful.


After having us teased with those healthy dishes, our next dish was the Garlic Ribs (Php 260). If you are a fan of either meat or garlic or maybe if you are a fan of both, which is not far from happening, an order of this would certainly make you happy. Comes with a portion of thick potato fries, this one has that crisp you have always enjoyed, partnered with some yummy taste of garlic.


Next would be Olivia & Co.’s Tokyo Wings (7 pcs. Php 310) which is absolutely great for sharing. Marinated with teriyaki sauce, this one is oozing with sweet and savory flavors that are seeping even into the core of the tender chicken wings.


If you just can’t get enough of chicken but also wanting some pasta, then don’t worry because you can grab a plate of Chicken Pasta (Php 260). Tomato based, served with slices of baguette, and topped with cuts of grilled chicken thigh and a dash of basil, this one has that distinct flavor you have been wanting to try out and should try out.



Now, as you have just gotten some pasta in you but still want some more but of another variant, then order a plate of Laksa Pasta (Php 405) which also comes with two slices of baguette, flavored with homemade laksa paste and grilled prawns.



And of course if you want your trusty old meat champ, then have an order of Olivia & Co.’s Hangover Burger (Php 395). This one is no doubt for champions like you because you will be getting double signature beef patties, cheese, egg, crispy ham, and truffle sauce sandwiched by two brioche buns, and served with a portion of their scrumptious potato fries.


For when a single burger just leaves you wanting for more, do not lose hope because you can now get three burgers in one order – the Olivia Sliders Board (Php 360) comes with three different variants of mouth-watering, lip-smacking burgers by Olivia & Co which are the Pulled Pork Burger, the Sunrise Chicken Burger, and the Hangover Burger.

Delighting in all those dishes will probably make you crave for some sweet delicacies; well you are absolutely in luck, pal, because Olivia & Co. has some tasty cakes you can choose from and three of which we tried and hands down enjoyed.


First is what they call Olivia’s Signature Carrot Cake (Slice Php 175 | Whole Php 1750). Layered with cream cheese, handmade from scratch to plate, and promised to be made only with sugar, spice, and everything nice, this cake is actually of trademark of theirs, especially this sponge cake is actually a favorite in Singapore.


Following that cake is the Double Cheesecake Queso De Bola (Slice Php 175 | Whole Php 1750) which is not only cheesy as you might have already expected, but soft, moist, and creamy as well. This one is made with two types of cheese which are queso de bola and cream cheese which will make any cheese lover fall head over heels in love.



The third and last cake we got to devour was positively a favorite of ours – the Nocciola Cheesecake (Slice Php 175 | Whole Php 1750). This hazelnut based cheesecake will undeniably leave you speechless because it’s that heavenly. We totally loved how this one is not sweet but still hits that sweet spot we have been filling in.

And so as Olivia & Co. is not only set to be an all-day dining spot, but also a go-to bistro, we got to have two of its drinks – one from its Hot Coffee Selection, the other from its Specialty Coffee selection.


Let us start with the one from Olivia & Co.’s Hot Coffee selection, the Café Latte (Short Php 110 | Long Php 120). This one is served on a precious, wide-mouthed mug showcasing a beautiful artwork – thanks to their awesome barista. With a bittersweet taste and velvety texture, this mug is surely made of passion and love.


Meanwhile, the other drink which is part of their Specialty Coffee selection is without doubt a personal favorite, so to say. The White Chocolate Mocha is topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel syrup which makes the drink milky and sweet with a pinch of bitterness to taste.

Featuring a new menu, Olivia & Co. offers its customers a nice spot to work in, to study in or even just to hang out in with different drool-worthy dishes and beverages including superfood juices and fancy milkshakes that are all the rage for either or both pick-me-ups or perk-me-ups.

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Facebook: Olivia & Co. PH
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Featured Branch: Uptown Mall, BGC

Address: Second Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact Number: 02 8451714

Store Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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