Travel your taste buds to Italy without paying airfare, because La Vita Ristorante is just in Podium, ey!

Ready for an Italian feast that sure would give you that fine dining feel you have been wanting to try out? Well, ready your hi and hello because La Vita Ristorante at Podium is finally giving the public their very warm welcome as they opened their doors way back August.

It’s just hard to say no, okay? We are not going to say no to something as scrumptious as La Vita Ristorante, especially when the first they placed on our table was their Gamberetti All’ Aglio (Php 380.00) which is a delectable plate of sautéed prawns in olive oil, garlic, and green chili. This one is just the first dish, but it already got us hooked!

Burrata Con Pomodori E Arugola (Php 540.00)

From an appetizer, we next jumped to a salad of theirs, namely their Burrata Con Pomodori E Arugola (Php 540.00) that is a plate of arugula salad with fresh tomato as well as creamy cheese from the beautiful country of Italy.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Php 460.00)

With lovely kickstarters, we then headed to their pastas such as their Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (Php 460.00) which is a classic carbonara with bacon, garlic, egg, and fresh gratinated parmesan cheese; as well as their Pappardelle Del “Papa” (Php 500.00) which actually is part of their fresh pasta selection as this one is of home-made pasta with shrimps, saffron with chilli, and cream.

And of course, Italy is not only known for their delicious pastas, but also for their oh-so-yummy pizzas, so obviously, we said yes to that, too, especially they cook theirs in a brick oven! We had their Pizza Alla Napoletana (Php 480.00) which is of fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and black olives; their Pizza Al 4 Formaggi / Pizza Al 4 Formaggi With Chorrizo (Php 500.00 | add Php 60.00 For Chorizzo) that is made with gorgonzola, caciocavallo, fresh gratinated parmesan cheese, brie with cream and fresh pepper; and their Pizza Con Burrata (Php 600.00) which is a pizza dish made with fresh tomato sauce, arugula, and fresh burrata. Undeniably, these pizza dishes by La Vita Ristorante are exquisitely made, giving each an exquisite look and taste as well.

Cappesante Alla Provenzale (Php 1,200.00)

If you think that is everything we had at Lavite Ristorante, then you better think again, because you are definitely wrong. We also had their Scaloppine Vari Modi (Al Marsala Or Pizzaiola) (Php 980.00) which is a plate of imported tenderloin cooked depends on the request of the client in different style, as well as their Cappesante Alla Provenzale (Php 1,200.00) which is a serving of baked imported Japanese scallops topped with garlic, butter and parsley!

Pannacotta Con Miele Al Profumo Di Tartufo (Php 280.00)
Tiramisu Affogato Al Bailey’s (Php 320.00)
Mousse Di Cioccolato (Php 320.00)

However, let us tell you that we did not only stop there as we, of course, had a great time with their desserts, too. Their Pannacotta Con Miele Al Profumo Di Tartufo (Php 280.00) which is known to be the most popular Italian dessert is served with blueberry compote and drizzled with honey; their Tiramisu Affogato Al Bailey’s (Php 320.00) which is another Italian famous dessert with coffee liquor and mascarpone cream; and their Mousse Di Cioccolato (Php 320.00) which is the ultimate chocolate fix with it being rich yet light and fluffy are all heavenly sweet treats we just can’t seem to get enough of.

Truly, La Vita Ristorante is such a wonderful, exquisite dining place that is of authentic Italian cuisine as their Executive Italian Chef made it so with its own recipes and take. They also get their 90% of their supplies from Italy as well as their wines are more on Italian, too.

And so, if you really want to try Italian cuisine or maybe you are craving for some Italian food, La Vita Ristorante won’t be a bad choice at all!

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Address: Level 3, The Podium, 18 ADB Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 834 1888

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 11AM to 10PM; Friday to Sunday 10AM to 10PM

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