Treat yourself with some premium meat on cue with Gen Korean BBQ

Transcending the norm of Korean BBQ with fusion of distinct flavors by using ingredients that can be found from different parts of the world, Gen Korean BBQ, welcomes you with open arms as they give you the art of Korean barbecue.


With the word Gen simply meaning “The beginning”, Gen Korean BBQ is more than open to present their diners an absolutely unforgettable experience with boundless menu options that are of freshly prepared meats, seafood, and of course some veggies for the healthy you! Adding not only refreshing, but traditional Korean ban-chan, also known as side dishes, Gen Korean BBQ is sure to bring your palate to new tasty heights by having a taste of wonderful and complex flavors like no other.



With so many Korean Barbecue Houses popping around the metro, Gen Korean BBQ decided to stray away from the self-serving concept of most buffet restaurants as their wait staff will be the ones to actually recommend items from their wide menu offering in order to accommodate your palate and bring it to your table, wherein you can delight your eyes by watching your chosen marinated meats not only sizzle, but caramelize as well.


Having so many food offerings in the menu, Gen Korean BBQ offers six different flavors of Samgyeopsal, namely Plain, Cajun, Garlic, Red Wine, Smoked, and Spicy.  They also have different dipping sauces that would certainly enhance the taste of your greens.

Sporting an ambiance of elegance and class, with a hint of chill vibes, Gen Korean BBQ also serves cocktails, spirits and wine. Now, with their full menu out, you can enjoy a variety of high end wine, together with twelve different kinds of, as mentioned, cocktails and spirits.




The entire experience of interacting while your food is being cooked can be enjoyed by many as they have a lot of seating capacity. They also have some function rooms that are almost up to 250 seating capacity altogether.




You will surely get the value of your money as you will get to enjoy their eat all you can menu for two hours. With a fusion of Korean BBQ with a marinated mix of American, plus an unlimited drinks option for an affordable price, you alongside your friends and family will definitely have more than just a good time, especially that the meats you are to devour are premium and sourced straight from United States.

Do note, though, that they are offering a different menu for lunch and dinner, and they have different tier pricing which depends on what kind of meat selection you are to choose. More in regards to pricing, there should only be one price tier per table.

With that, if you have decided what your meat selection is, then you can completely enjoy your food without even smelling like smoke because Gen Korean BBQ has an up draft and down draft exhaust for that smokeless Korean barbecue experience!

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