True Value PH & Weber Grilling Event

Last June 18, we were fortunate enough to witness True Value’s and Weber Grilling Event at the Alabang Town Center.  It was an event attended by media, bloggers, families, friends and of course Grilling enthusiasts.



Grilling has been one type of cooking that most find it tedious and hard. But through the help of Chef Nicolas Pang of Malaysia and the Weber Grills, grilling seems to be a walk in the park that anyone can enjoy doing.

The event was filled with series of grilling pork belly, pizza and chicken. A lot of volunteers graciously participated and enjoyed the grilling activity. But of course, everyone was thrilled when it was time to take a bite onto the grilled dishes.




This sturdy, handy and portable Weber Grill has been the star of the whole event. Everyone took turns in grilling their work, making sure it’s grilled to perfection.




Even Chef Nicolas Pang seems to be having the time of his life grilling.  Just look at those fire that we captured. Imagine doing your “Ihaw” in the most relax and comfortable way? Well, that’s what Weber Grills offers and more.

For the finished product? Feast your eyes on and wipe your drool as you take a look into what Weber Grills can offer.





The grilled pork belly that doesn’t just look mouth-watering but tastes absolutely delicious. We were most certain, that this was finished off by the crowd in no time. Because as we all know Filipinos love their pork.


This heart-shaped and hand made Pizza was also grilled and guess what, it tastes absolutely yummy too.


We weren’t able to try this but just look at those grilled part of the meat, we’re pretty sure that this was delectable too.


Now, this Chicken Wrap, I did not only have one serving of this but two. Yes, because it was so scrumptious. The smoky flavor and the tender meat of the chicken is so spot on.


Lastly, would you believe that these brownies are not made inside the kitchen? Yes, it was baked from the Weber Grill right outside. Which could also be at your backyard. Sound’s interesting right? Tastes even delicious and amazing.

The event was such a success because mainly the team of True Value Philippines are so hands-on. They made sure that every details are covered and every attendees are assisted. We are definitely looking forward to their next event.

True Value Philippines

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Weber Grills
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You may check out True Value’s Branches below to get your hands on at one of the Weber Grills to grill your next dish.


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