Tsuta Philippines launches First #YukiOriginal

We all know that the fantastic Foodee Global Concepts restaurant group brought to us the first Michellin starred ramen in the world, and it has been open in Manila since December 2017. Since then, they have been nothing but unstoppable in having more and more ramen lovers in the metro.

Even with the impressive current operation of the beloved ramen restaurant, there is no stopping Tsuta’s master chef Yuki Onishi from creating more exciting tastes and experiences for their patrons. So he recently returned to the first Philippine branch to continue his passion of conceptualizing new and original flavor profiles while strictly using only natural ingredients.

Through extensive research and taste tests, Chef Yuki has masterfully created unique bowls of ramen over the years, only conceived from his dedicated heart and soul. And since he has also fallen in love with distinctly Filipino flavors, he put it upon himself to also make a #YukiOrginal just for our country.

Last April 3, 2018, together with Foodee Global Concepts, Chef Yuki personally invited significant members of the press and media, as well as selected bloggers for an exclusive tasting of his newly crafted ramen bowl. He made it for the Filipino, and only inspired by flavors by the Filipino. He introduced to us his newest Soba bowl, the Sang La Tan Tan Soba (PHP 390 ++).

The bowl had a beautiful blend of the restaurant’s signature Dashi which is comprised of chicken, clams and fish broth and Shoyu Tare from Wakayama Prefecture, soy beans matured for two years as well as locally sourced ingredients. It also includes peanut paste that is freshly ground inhouse daily, chili and a not so secret ingredient, cane vinegar. The ramen is topped with leeks and sautéed minced crispy pork, reminiscent of the very Filipino comfort food, sisig which is consequently one of Chef Yuki’s guilty pleasures when he is in the country. The bowl is created also to exude the flavors of another dish Chef Yuki has come to love on his trips to the Philippines, the Kare-Kare. The well loved Filipino pork stew in peanut sauce is the key inspiration for the spicy soba. The marriage of flavors is just outstanding having each pronounced in the bowl, but still complementing every flavor profile. It was spicy, sour, a tad sweet and umami, which makes of a very Pinoy take of the traditional Japanese tantanmen. It really was an amazing journey finishing a bowl of this beauty.

The event was graced by the amazing Foodee Global Concepts team as well as selected influencers of the industry, and we couldn’t have been more privileged to have been a part of it. Apart from the newly launched and limited edition ramen, we were also invited to try their signature and award winning soba bowl.

Tsuta’s flagship product and Michelin starred ramen is their Shoyu Soba, featuring their original Dashi, a special Shoyu and a piquant black truffle sauce. Not to me missed, their Shoyu blend includes Chef Yuki’s in-house brew, duly accustomed from Wakayama Prefecture. This bowl is a journey in itself, and so truly deserved the coveted recognition.

Everything from Tsuta’s menu is carefully curated, so it is very well guaranteed that every dish is delicious and very pretty. That’s why we are also very excited to hear that Chef Yuki will also release his own take on Japanese staples: 1) Gyoza (traditionally made with minced pork, but elevated with momen tofu, ohba leaves, chives and tengaiten salt), 2) Karaage (succulent chicken marinated in Tsuta’s signature shoyu tare), 3) Green Tea Pudding (green tea, vanilla crram and sweetened adzuki beans). It also makes us proud to know that these are first to be launched in country to be followed suit by their international branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Chef Yuki’s Philippine Original Series is available the whole month of April as a series with one Original highlighted per week. try the new Sang La Tan Tan Soba today, as hey will only serve fifty bowls of these daily! 😻

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