Twin Lakes Café makes your good morning better with their Breakfast Buffet

It was a good morning indeed as we wake up here in Tagaytay all wrapped up in comforters on a cozy spacious bed, recharged with energy to go on another adventure of a day, but of course, aside from sleep we need some extra push aka food that would fuel us up even more. Due to that, we got up and put our game faces on because we are going on a breakfast buffet prepared by the wonderful Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay.

Due to the number of people who are clamoring for food, the breakfast buffet that was supposed to be in their Twin Lakes Café, was then transferred to a much bigger venue, their Sherry Ballroom. In there, tables and chairs were set up and people are having the time of their lives as they delight in a delicious selection of different breakfast options, some even being cooked in front of you!

From where you will be getting your plate, your first option would be their arroz caldo which you can garnish on your own as beside that you will also have the option to put some egg, calamansi, garlic, cracklings, chicharon, and so much more into it. Another on that table is their cream of asparagus which is another yummy way to say good morning to your palate and to your tummy.

Moving on from those, your next options are great for when you have a big appetite as these ones are for heavy meals. Devour some scrambled egg, potato hashbrown, steamed hotdog, chicken adobo, beef tapa, and even freshly cooked fish. Truly, a hearty meal time just for you.

And for the kids and the kids at heart, this next station will truly have your hearts because this one is filled with cereals that are totally the go-to for when you are in a rush or want something sweet – fruit loops, coco crunch, and corn flakes, that you would get to put some fresh milk into. For more dairy goodness, reach some yoghurt for you to delight in!

After that, when you get thirsty, you can grab a glass of their refreshing juice which comes in two variants – one is four seasons while the other is cucumber lemonade. If you prefer something that would warm you up and wake you, then go for a cup of joe or a hot chocolate.

Just a bit of distance to that you will see one of their cooks doing some eggs for their diners. Here you could request how your egg can be cooked, may it be scrambles, sunny side up or what not. Another cooking station you will adore is their pancake and waffle cooking station wherein you will get some fluffy goodness from.

Some healthy options are also available as they are serving salad as well which you can customize to your own liking – choose from thousand island dressing, ranch dressing, and balsamic vinaigrette. Aside from that you can also get your daily doze of fresh fruits as watermelon, pineapple, and papaya are also there for your taking.

Lastly, for a bit of carbs as well as for a bit of sweetness to put a smile on your face, different bread variants, muffins, cakes, and classic pinoy malagkit are all just waiting for you to extend your arm and grab a few or maybe all.

Get to experience this sumptuous breakfast buffet when you stay here at Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay. You will not only delight in delicious meals, but also enjoy magnificent views and a relaxing atmosphere.

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