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Ube Ice Scramble anyone? InJoy Philippines has different flavors of Ice Scramble up for grabs!

Summer is long gone, we all know that, but here we still are trying to beat the heat because surprise, surprise, we are in a tropical country! Growing up in the Philippines, you surely will get used to the fact that the weather is most of the time humid so you will do everything in your power to not let the heat get to your head and just stay cool. As that is the case, we Filipinos love to have some cool refreshments and even chilled desserts.

Speaking of desserts that help us keep our cool, one of our favorites is actually a childhood snack that we have delighted in ever since – the Iskrambol or also known as Ice Scramble. This well-loved dessert is also a Filipino street food that is made from shaved ice often topped with milk, mini marshmallows, colorful sprinkles, and chocolate syrup! Indeed this treat is so delectable and fun to eat.

However, since we are not going out as much as we used to and we haven’t been getting our Ice Scramble fix lately, we tried searching ways on how we could do it at the comfort of our home. Good thing we got a hold of InJoy Philippines and we saw that they are offering Ice Scramble!

InJoy Philippines offers a lot of products, one of which, as we have mentioned is Ice Scramble. Their Ice Scramble actually comes in different flavors but of course, they do have the Classic Ice Scramble (1kg Php 151) up for grabs too. Meanwhile, for the other flavors, InJoy Philippines’ Ice Scramble comes in Ube (1kg Php 151), Chocolate (1kg Php 158), Mango (1kg Php 151), Buko Pandan (1kg Php 151), as well as Melon (1kg Php 151). So many delectable Ice Scramble flavors to choose from, right?

If it isn’t obvious to you yet what flavor we got, well, we opted for the Ube Ice Scramble, because 1) we wanted to try a different flavor as we have grown up loving the Classic one and 2) we are ube lovers! Choosing InJoy Philippines’ Ube Ice Scramble was an amazing decision we are glad that pushed through with, because not only did we enjoy every spoonful, we also got to keep the heat off of our heads and we were able to finish a lot of tasks with a light heart and a heavy tummy.

Catch more of InJoy Philippines on Facebook and Instagram! If you want to know more about the work they do and the products and services the have, you can definitely check out their Website.

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