Ukkokei Japan Ramen goes to South!

Ukokkei Japan Ramen is one of those restaurants that we keep coming back to. It checks almost all our boxes, if not all, regarding having a great meal time! Being lovers of Japanese cuisine, we just could not say no to the comfort it gives each and every bite of whatever Japanese food is served to our table.

And so, finding Ukokkei Japan Ramen really was such a gift from the food gods because this one is a Japanese restaurant tweaked to give pleasure to the Filipino palate, too! Having branches in SM North, Maginhawa, and Megamall, we were wishing so hard for them to have a branch in the South, so that it would be closer to us.

Guess what? Our wishes have finally been heard as they are now at Market! Market! with a concept a bit different than their usual full-blown restaurant. This Market! Market! branch of theirs will be more of an express kiosk from which you will be getting their classic ramen bowls in just the right size, in a much more affordable price, without of course, compromising the quality and the filling impact it would give your palate alongside your appetite.

Here you will be delighting in their three main ramen variants namely, their Shiro Ramen, their Kuro Ramen, and their Aka Ramen. Each ramen bowl is topped with an egg, a slice of chashu, spring onions, and strips of mushroom. If you are feeling going the extra mile, you can go for some add-ons such as eggs, chashu, and nori!

Curry Rice

Other than their oh-so-great ramen dishes, Ukokkei Ramen Japan has more carb-filled mains for you to gorge on. Their Curry Rice is actually one of their newer additions that is a must-try while their Gyudon has always been one of our favorites with them.

 Of course, as noods and mains are the first we got to devour here, This Market! Market! branch of Ukokkei Japan Ramen sure has more to offer because they also have a bunch of side dishes that would satisfy you even more. Goodies such as their Tonkatsu, their Teba Karaage, their Tori Karaage, their Small Curry Rice, their Gyoza, and their Maki are all just drool-worthy and cheat-worthy, we are telling you!

Easily eat all this up by sipping on some refreshing beverages of theirs like their Red Iced Tea as well as their Lemon Iced Tea!

Truly, you will be having a fantastic dining experience here, especially when you go for their ramen treats – which, by the way, have broth oozing with flavour as it is cooked for 16 hours – because these ones come with salad and rice – real great for your big mood for delicious, satisfying food!  

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