Unwind and explore the flavors of Asia at Pink Panda Asian Diner

Initially focusing on Southeast Asian cuisine, but is now highlighting full blown Asian cuisine – thanks to Erwan Heusaff and Chef Peter Ayson – Pink Panda Asian Diner encourages you to explore with them the flavors of the largest continent. With Erwan not only a food enthusiast, but a travel junkie as well; together with Chef Pete who grew up in Jakarta, a one stop shop with almost all Asian favorites, Pink Panda Asian Diner is a concept aiming to bring life to the culture of street food in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and of course, the Philippines.

Serving a variety of famous Asian dishes with a modern twist while providing a hip and creative environment, interiors are to give guests the feeling of outdoor dining. Currently located in known food spots in the Metro, the Pink Panda Asian Diner can be found in Taguig, Makati, and Pasay. Being near offices and residential areas, this awesome restaurant transforms into a chill bar at night where everyone and anyone can chase their stress away.


With the goal of relaxing, our first dish for the night is Mango and Catfish Salad. Served with flaked catfish, mango, papaya, and honey calamansi dressing, this dish with a hint of sweet and sour is the perfect way to start an evening of no worries.


To completely dive into a vibe of ease, have some Grilled Chicken Sate. This one is marinated chicken skewers with satay, and served with picked vegetables.


Order some Dynamite Lumpia – finger green chilies, minced pork, and cheese. It is a snack perfect for conversation and good time.


If you want to enjoy some noodle fun, grab a bowl of Bulalo Pho. It is a fusion of Philippine and Vietnamese cuisine. With Bulalo being a Filipino classic dish, combined with Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, this dish is surely one that would help you unwind.


With drinks in hand, one would probably look for the classic Filipino pulutan; good thing Pink Panda Asian Diner has Mom’s Sisig for your barkada. This dish would no doubt give you and your friends comfort as you have all been tired from work or whatnot.


For more finger food craze, get your table some Tamarind Chicken Wings. Delicious tamarind flavor seeping through each and every crispy chicken wing? Who in their right mind would say no, right?


The usual Adobo is known to be somehow brown in color, but in Pink Panda Asian Diner what you could have is the white version of this Filipino favorite dish, the White Pork Adobo. The meat in this dish is tender and its flavors are just right for that fun-filled night with friends.

If you are looking for some heavier filling, Pink Panda Asian Diner offers Rice Bowls from Monday to Friday until 5 PM. For today, let us dig into two of its variants – Bistek Tagalog Rice Bowl and Sticky Pork Ribs Rice Bowl.


A hefty serving of rice – which you can choose from malunggay turmeric rice, garlic rice, or plain rice – topped with tasty beef, fried egg, stir fried Asian greens, and pickled cucumber, Bistek Tagalog Rice Bowl is hands down oozing with different flavors and texture that one would really take pleasure in every spoonful.


While for the Sticky Pork Ribs which is also served with pickled cucumber, stir fried Asian greens, fried egg, and a choice of rice, is a dish that would really make your hungry tummy into a happy one.


If you are a chocoholic, this dessert coming up just might be the reason why you wake up – Pink Panda Asian Diner’s Chocolate Buchi is no doubt scrumptious as these are sesame fried rice balls filled with dark chocolate.

With each dish sporting a unique set of flavors, of course this dining experience would be better with drinks ready to be downed. For that, Pink Panda Asian Diner served Sago’t Gulaman Juice, Cucumber Calamansi Juice, and Pandan Old Fashion Cocktail.


For the classic Filipino palamig that would throw you back to your younger years, have a glass of Sago’t Gulaman Juice. It gives off just the right sweetness – a marriage between a dessert and a drink.


As you want some rejuvenating extravaganza, Pink Panda Asian Diner has Cucumber Calamnsi Juice for your tired and weary soul. This drink will liven up your senses for the fun-filled night you are about to have.


Lastly, recommended by one of Pink Panda Asian Diner’s amazing chefs, grab yourself the Pandan Old Fashion Cocktail. It is a lovely, aromatic drink that would make you lay back and enjoy each and every passing second.

Experience the flavors of Asia with Pink Panda Asian Diner as they offer Asian favorites that are just right for your budget. With mesmerizing interiors, attracting you to forget all your worries and have your well-deserved relaxation, Pink Panda Asian Diner has so much more in stock for the laid back you.

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