Unwrapping early holiday gifts: Delight in Holiday Cakes from Max’s Corner Bakery

2018 has surely gone by almost as fast as a lightning. With only a month left before 2019, the holidays are definitely fast approaching, if it hasn’t even started yet. For this holiday season you want your loved ones to know and feel how much you love them, and so what better way can you express your love to them than to celebrate the holidays with them, right?


Max's Bakery Holiday cakes
Photo by: Max’s

Make this holiday season even more special by celebrating with your family and friends over these delicious treats from Max’s Corner Bakery!




Strawberry Chiffon, Pastillas, and Chocolate Truffle – three delectable treats wrapped in a box with a ribbon like a gift; each of this holiday cakes by Max’s Corner Bakery will surely tickle your taste buds and delight your family.

With the Pastillas and the Chocolate Truffle being Premium Holiday Cakes, no doubt you will probably have a hard time choosing between vanilla chiffon filled and coated with a delectable pastillas icing and white chocolate shavings or dark chocolate chiffon cake in rich truffle frosting, topped with chocolate truffles and dusted with cocoa powder! Add in the Strawberry Chiffon to your list of choices and you just might end up not choosing any of the three as you will be having all of it!



Premium Cakes, though, are available only at selected Max’s Restaurant Stores, but don’t let that stop you from having the three Holiday Cakes because every bite will give you not only a whiff of sparkly, happy Christmas, but the festivity of it in full blast, so be sure to grab and share a slice or even more to make your family or any loved one extra special this holiday season!

Complete your holiday spread with Max’s Corner Bakery’s premium line of Holiday Cakes, starts at P550 each. Available in select Max’s Restaurant branches nationwide for a limited time only. Visit www.maxschicken.com

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