Up for some Chinese comfort food? Acachan Cooks will deliver it right to you!

Asian cuisine really is all about spices and flavor, there is just no denying that, so if you are feeling a bit bland lately, try digging into some Chinese food that would have you wrapped up in comfort.

Acachan Cooks is an online food store in which you will be able to get Chinese comfort food from. They are about cooking, serving, and sharing their yummy food to you by having it delivered to your doorstep. Just a few clicks and waiting, and you will be delighting in their food in no time!

Acachan Cooks’ Spring Onion Chicken (Whole Php 700 | Half Php 350) is a bestseller as it is of perfectly steamed, tender, and juicy chicken made with the freshest ingredients they could find! Truly, its flavor is deep within the chicken meat, so every mouthful will give you pure enjoyment and satisfaction.

Meanwhile if you are looking for some real delicious meat, Acachan Cooks also has Char Siu — Asado (1 kilo Php 1200 | 1/2 kilo Php 600). This treat to the eyes and yummy to the belly is marinated overnight and broiled to achieve that juicy, caramelized, and charred experience you sure will be wanting to have over and over again.

Other than these two yummies, Acachan Cooks also offers Shrimp Chili Oil which you can get for only Php 210 and Chili Oil (Original) for only Php 180. You can use these condiments to not only add flavor to your classic go-tos, but also, you will be able to delight in that much loved kick you always want to have.

To order, you can drop by Acachan Cooks’ Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details. Do take note to fill out their order form and that you should place your order a day before you plan to have it picked up.

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