Usok Smokehouse claims to be offering one of the best smoked goodies out there

Smoking could truly bring you a different kind of high, and by smoking we mean smoked meats! If you are looking for the best smoked meats in the metro, then Usok Smokehouse sure had claimed theirs as the best one out there.

With a core belief that good food should be accessible to everyone, Usok Smokehouse continues to aim to provide not only smoked meats, but also smoked veggies that are all good to eat. Truly, they are elevating the standard for Filipino take-out food.

Their mouthwatering menu includes Smoked Seafood, Smoked Veggies, Smoked Chicken, Chicken + Veggies Combo, as well as Bilao Platter. Indeed, there is something for everyone when it comes to Usok Smokehouse’s product lineup.

Their products are available for Solo, for Sharing, and even for Family. However, if what you are going to have is bigger than the average family, then going for their Bilao Platters is the perfect option to go for.

No doubt, their Bilao Platters is good for big groups as this one also comes in three different variants. You could have 8 Pieces of Chicken, 2 Pieces of Talakitok, and 1 Kilogram of Veggies for Php 699. Another one for Php 699 includes 12 Pieces of Chicken and 1 Kilogram of Veggies. While you could go the extra mile and go for the Php 799 which comes with 8 Pieces of Chicken, 2 Pieces of Tanigue, and 1 Kilogram of Veggies.

Usok Smokehouse is really out there smoking meats, veggies, and more all for you, so you need not to look further. Just visit them on their Facebook and Instagram Pages to know more and to order.

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