VA BENE PASTA DELI by Chef Massimo Veronesi – My new favorite Italian Restaurant!

When I think about comfort food, Italian would be at the top of my list.  Pasta and Pizza has always been included on our menu whenever we have birthday celebrations or any simple occasions to celebrate with.  Proving just how much we love Italian dishes.

So, when I received an invitation to take a look and try Va Bene Pasta Deli’s latest offerings from their newest branch, I just couldn’t refuse.  I have heard so much about them, good reviews by the way, that I was itching to go over their place the moment I saw the invite.

The Va Bene Pasta Deli’s newest branch was sitting on the left side hall of the Circuit Lane Makati chain of restaurants.


They have a wide range of Menu that you will easily get to see because it’s just right in front of the resto.


I was undeniably astonished when I enter the place.  It was nowhere near the standard image of an Italian restaurant.  You won’t find any chequered table-cloths, brick walls, images or statues of grapevines or of major Italian tourist attractions.  Instead, what you’ll see is a classy, modern and sophisticated art decors, televisions and some Italian products.  I was also more than happy to see that they have ample seating capacity for a small and large family, as well as for those couples who would love to dine in.

Even their Kitchen or Order Counter is amazingly well decorated.


What’s great about their interior is they’re not trying so hard to illustrate that they’re an Italian resto. Instead, it comes out naturally, every feel and vibe is so Italy .  They even have bottle of wines that came from there.


When it comes  to customer service, their staffs are very courteous, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable.  Since they know more about the dishes, they will be able to recommend which one to try, a big plus to anyone’s dining experience especially when it’s your first time to try the restaurant.

I decided to sit on the corner right section so I can see the entirety of the place.

While waiting for the main courses to be serve, we were given a complimentary bread with Crudaiola.


I didn’t expect it actually to be good since it was just a complimentary.

After a few minutes, the starters were served.


There were Butter Squash, Salmon Tartar  and Crispy Polenta Arancini with blue cheese sauce.


All three of them are very delectable but Butter Squash is my favorite among them.


Next, they served the brick-oven pizza Fiorentina.


The tomato based Casarecce pasta was such a delight.  This dish is not so sour contrary to the typical tomato based pasta that other Italian restaurants serve.  Instead, it has the right amount of sweetness that I’m sure everyone will love.


If their Casarecce pasta was such a delight, their Duck Ravioli on the other hand is a taste of heaven.  It’s so scrumptious and flavorsome.  You will surely enjoy every last piece to the very last bite.


Lastly, they served the Calamansi Sorbet and Basil Pana Cotta.  I have always love the sourness of calamansi, so I really like this version of their Sorbet especially since they paired it with caramelized nuts.  Basil Pana Cotta on the other hand, is not too sweet and with no strong basil leaf taste.  Perfect for the dessert lover like me who likes it the healthy way.

Overall, I love every bits and pieces of this restaurant.  To the decors, to the ample seating, to the great customer service given by the staffs and to the amazing dishes that they serve.  It is truly my new favorite Italian Restaurant.

Va Bene Pasta Deli – Circuit Makati Branch
Address: Ground Floor, Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City
Contact Number: 02 9609954
Store Hours: 5PM – 11PM Tuesdays to Sundays

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