Vatos Urban Tacos is crushing your Korean-Mexican cuisine doubts with their scrumptious offering

Throw your sombreros in the air if you have tried some feisty Mexican cuisine! Take a bow if you have tried some rich-in-culture Korean cuisine! Here is a challenge for you: Throw your sombrero up and take a bow if you have munched on some creative and great-tasting dishes that are a fusion of Korean and Mexican… Got some eyebrows rising, huh? Isn’t it a bit unique to hear such a combination, much rather have a taste of it? If you are curious as to how, where, why, and what we are actually talking about, then keep on reading and scrolling because here comes another successful Bloggers’ Lunch we had at a unique dining space.

Vatos Urban Tacos is as edgy as it may come to the ears, especially since Vatos is Mexican slang for men or dudes.

Its concept sprang from the minds and of course the bellies of three Korean-Americans who aimed to offer people a fresh and different type of dining experience in Korea and from then has garnered praises for providing tantalizing new tastes using the freshest ingredients they could find and in 2018, finally, has reached our nation, the Philippines.

Turned a year old last February, of course we have got to try Vatos Urban Tacos ourselves, alongside some of our blogger friends and from that we could say we had such a great time over lunch as we did some catch up with each other.

We started with a classic easy-eat, their Vatos Cowboy Queso (Php 390) is a molten queso dip made from a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, black beans, pico de gallo, lime crema and fresh hand-cut tortilla chips, served smoldering hot. Totally packed with that much-adored crunch and cheesy fun!

Followed by a few hand-held treats that will sure to sway your heart, their Baja Fish Tacos (2 tacos Php 280 | 3 tacos Php 410) is filled with beer-battered white fish, spicy chipotle mayo, pico de gallo, and apple coleslaw; and their Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos (2 tacos Php 330 | 3 tacos Php 480) which is loaded with flash-fried shrimp, Asian slaw, pico de gallo, and lime crema.

If that made you crave for more, then start clapping your hands because you’re in for a spac-taco-lar ride with two Taco Paltters (Php  600) from Vatos Urban Tacos. The first Taco Platter they served us had Korean Pork Belly, Chimichurri Chicken, Chili Lime Shrimp, Baja Shrimp, Carnitas; while the second one had Baja Fish, Chili Lime Shrimp, Veggie, Korean Pork Belly, and Chimichurri Chicken. Truly, each bite of every variant is a delight to the palate!

Another one that is great eaten with hands is Vatos Urban Tacos’ The Sid Burger & Fries (Php 420) which is an all-beef patty topped with bbq pulled pork carnitas, grilled jalapeños, apple cole slaw, sweet pickled red onions, mexican cheese, crushed black pepper, and chipotle relish.

Next to that is a crowd favorite, which is no surprise, since it is downright delectable. The Honey Tequila Chicken Wings (Php 490) is their original recipe of chicken wings coated in their sweet & spicy honey tequila sauce, served with deep-fried masa-battered jalapeños and blue cheese dipping.

And in the pursuit of more than just satisfaction of cravings, their Chorizo Kimchi Fried Rice (Php 330) is an absolute Ko-Mex perfection in a bowl! Aged sauteed kimchi and chorizo, stir-fried with rice, carrots, onions, cilantro, and topped with spring onions, toasted sesame seeds, and a sunny-side up egg? It’s a total yes with yay!

For dessert, your interest will absolutely be piqued as this one comes with spice from jalapeno bits. Their Bacon Jalapeño Brownie (Php 180) is a creation that is of chewy chocolate jalapeño and candied walnuts brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, nutella sauce, dulce de leche, chocolate chips, and crispy bacon bits – loved every spoonful or forkful of this with all our hearts!

Meanwhile, Vatos Urban Tacos also has a fabulous bar menu in which you can grab yourself some awesome drinks perfect for your downtime or your partyin’ sesh such as their Vatos’ Ritas (Php 480) which are their line of frozen margaritas + beer. The famous combination of Vatos Ritas that put Vatos on the map and the one that you should not miss out on is the Sexy Sanchez (Php 480) which is strawberry margarita + magners berry cider.

Other than that, you can also enjoy their simple and easy Margaritas (Php 330 | Virgin Php 250), particularly the variants Apple, Classic, and Peach, for that much-anticipated relaxation and chill time of yours.

Be sure to get a fill of Vatos Urban Tacos, especially on Tuesdays because they do Taco Tuesdays! in which you will be able to devour two tacos for the price of only Php 100! Also, they have Feel Good Fridays which is great for ending a stressful week as this one is a generous promo of Buy1Take1 on all beers and 30% off on bottled spirits available all day.

And of course, having a bar means they also have Happy Hour! which runs from 2PM to 7PM everyday offering people the generous gist that is Buy1Take1 on all of their alcoholic drinks!

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