VBQ Restaurant and Hotpot? It’s a new restaurant in Poblacion and you deserve first dibs on it

Grilling has been making a ton of smoke lately, literally and figuratively. With the  uprise of Korean BBQ almost everywhere, people have been lining up for hours just to have a taste of yummy grilled meat, and yes, we are guilty of that as well.

However, for today, we are going to try a restaurant offering grilling meat as well, but that is not what we are going to focus on, as we are to highlight more of their other ala carte dishes you could try out as well. VBQ Restaurant and Hotpot is a dining concept in Poblacion that recently just opened. They are offering barbecue, hotpot, and more and we just could not wait to share what we have tasted from them!

Deep-fried oyster mushroom with homemade peanut sauce
Oyster Mushroom
  • Also known as Vietnamese Pancake. Made with turmeric based rice crepe.
  • Also known as Vietnamese Pancake. Made with turmeric based rice crepe.
Popularly known as Obama Noodles. This one is homemade with nuoccham vinagraitte, homemade pork sausages, and barbecue on top.
Bun Thit Nuong

Starting with their appetizers, the Fried Oyster Mushroom had us munching non-stop until we have none. It comes with their homemade peanut sauce which elevates the totality of this dish. Another is their Ban Xeo, also known as Vietnamese Pancake, which is of a turmeric based rice crepe; and their Bun Thit Nuong which is popularly known as Obama Noodles as the former US President ate it back when he visited Vietnam. This one is homemade with nuoccham vinagraitte, homemade pork sausages, and barbecue on top.

A plate of papaya salad with rice puffs from Vietnam on top and has shrimp salt for seasoning
Papaya Salad
A serving of a classic Vietnamese treat that is of fresh vegetables and rice wrapped with a tasty wrapper
Fresh Spring Rolls

After that, you could go have more of their lighter options like their Papaya Salad which has rice puffs,straight from Vietnam, and has shrimp salt for seasoning, giving it that unique Vietnamese taste we like; as well as their Fresh Spring Rolls which is a classic Vietnamese treat we sure enjoyed eating.

Suon Khia
Lemongrass Chicken

Digging more into what VBQ Restaurant has to offer, of course, we get to gobble down some of their Specialties, starting with their Suon Khia, also known as Pork Ribs, with sweetened fish sauce, a lot of cilantro, and fried shallots; their Steamed Local Shrimps which comes with a green sauce called muoiotxanh that is made of cilantro,condensed milk, and fresh lime; their Pork Chops which is another classic dish that is easy to love; and their Lemongrass Chicken which has lemon grass salt from Vietnam, homemade pickled red bell peppers, pickled daikon, and pickled carrots. Truly, yum goodness in every dish!

These Savories of VBQ Restaurant and Hotpot sure has satisfied our tummies and with that we craved for something sweet which they have gladly fixed for us, thanks to their Banana Spring Rolls which has homemade peanut brittle and caramelized milk. This one is really something to look forward to once they officially open soon!

And to easily gobble down all those VBQ Restaurant and Hot[pot treats, better have a gulp of their beverage offerings like their Asian Milk Tea and Black Sugar Milk Tea which has black Tea from Vietnam, Guyabano Lycheewhich has guyabano puree’ and lychee with hint of basil, Blueberry Banana Milk which is a refreshing milky way to go to, Blueberry Yogurt which has a revitalizingzing in every sip, VBQ Lemonade which is a guava and strawberry flavored lemonade with hibiscus syrup, and VBQ Houseblend Tea which is of passion fruit flavor with kumquat syrup with blue pea tea from Vietnam as well.

No doubt, VBQ Restaurant and Hotpot will bring you close to the rich and flavorful cuisine Vietnam is undeniably known for and proud of, so mark your calendars and make sure you have the time to drop by when operation officially start and they open their doors to public, because really, this one is a must-try!

Follow VBQ Restaurant and Hotpot on the Social Media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vbqrestaurant/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vbq.ph/

Address: P. Guanzon, Makati, Metro Manila

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