Viaje by Kev: An exciting food adventure for you to take!

Offering a trip around the world with food as your guide, Viaje by Kev is an adventure on a plate. Other than that, Viaje by Kev is much like an expression and culmination of Kevin’s travel and work experiences as his cooking is a manifestation of intercontinental diversity, being he is a Chinese-Filipino student of Spanish techniques, and humbled by the delicacies of Peru. Truly, Viaje by Kev is an exciting food journey that we are more than glad to have taken.

If you also want to be a part of this delicious path, you might want to start with Viaje by Kev’s Barley Risotto (Php 900). This one is a generous serving of creamy risotto made with barley, mushroom, leeks, and bacon. Indeed, this one is more than just a lovely starter as its flavors are already an indulgence on its own.

Follow that one with Viaje by Kev’s well-loved Callos (Php 1250). Callos is actually a traditional gelatinous stew, and Viaje by Kev’s version is more of a personal interpretation of it as this one is engulfed by oxtail, beef tripe, and ox trotters. No doubt, that this one is as meaty and as sumptuous as you are imagining it to be!

Meanwhile, if you want something heavier and is a full meal already, you could snatch Viaje by Kev’s Pollo a La Brasa which comes in two options – Pollo a La Brasa: Rice Combo as well as Pollo a La Brasa: Tortilla Combo.

The Pollo a La Brasa: Rice Combo (Php 980) is of Peruvian roast chicken complemented by sides of Boniatos and Chorizo Rice; while the Pollo a La Brasa: Tortilla Combo (Php 980) is of classic Viaje Pollo a La Brasa, with Salsa Criolla (red onion, tomato, and cilantro salad), fried yuca, and flour tortillas, accompanied by classic Viaje sauces and white garlic cream. These heavenly choices will absolutely be heavy on the belly, so you better be ready to get full and satisfied!

Viaje by Kev has more sumptuous dishes to offer, so make sure to check them out on their Social Media Pages. Currently, they are available on Facebook and Instagram. They have also put up an Order Form for a more seamless and convenient way for you to place an order.

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