Wake Up, Get Up: Illy Caffé has some warm love for you in a cup!



Hidden like a precious gem in Paseo Center is another place to get your coffee fix and even more, and that is Illy Caffé. With wooden tables and chairs, walls that demands to be looked at, and definitely a wonderful ceiling piece that is made up of teacups, Illy Caffé is a head turner that would welcome you with open arms.






With a packed menu that can cater to anyone anytime of any day, no wonder people keep on coming back regardless of where they came from and surely you will do too!


As we got to try some of their drinks and food offerings which we can’t, for the life of us, hold back from sharing any longer, we started with Illy Café’s Grilled Chicken with Orange Vinaigrette which is served with slices of grilled chicken breast fillet with fresh lollo rosa, grapes and oranges, and drizzled with orange vinaigrette.


Following that are some of their pasta – Fettuccine al Tartufo, Tagliatelle con Ragu alla Bolognese, and Linguine alla Siciliana.


The Fettuccine al Tartufo is a plate of fettuccine in creamy truffle sauce which we really enjoyed.


After that, we had Tagliatelle con Ragu alla Bolognese. This one is a plate of beef ragu in rich tomato sauce and couldn’t deny how much we really love how fresh tasting an order of this one is.


The last pasta dish we got to try was the Linguine alla Sicilliana  which has prawns, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, anchovies, chili peppers, sun-dried tomato and capers. This one is a really lovely dish to munch on over fun, casual conversations.


After having a nutritious start and some pasta, we munched on some Truffle Pizza. The taste of truffle makes this pizza dish extra yummy plus its crunchy texture makes it more fun to eat!

Meanwhile for drinks, we got to try seven different beverages from Illy Café – four were served hot, while three were served cold.


First on our hot beverage list is one of their classics and is considered as Illy Café’s very best, the Espresso Illy. It’s a velvety sensation, a sweetness that immediately overwhelms you, the perfect balance between bitter and acidic notes, and flowery and fruity overtones, with a taste of caramel, toasted bread, chocolate, and a hint of almond and honey.


Next is Cappuccino Viennese promising a coffee experience that is just like in Vienna. This cup of warmth is a cappuccino underneath the whipped cream dusted with cocoa.


After that is Caffe Latte; this hot drink is an Illy espresso with plenty of hot frothed milk that is slightly foamy.


Following that is Illy’s Cappuccino – this one has the right blend of bitter and sweet both from the coffee and the milk that has a velvety texture which makes this drink really enjoyable.

Of course, now that we have finished all those hot drinks, let us move onto a few of Illy Café’s cold beverages – Cucumber Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Frullati.


The Cucumber Smoothie is definitely a drink that would wake up your senses as you have been boosted with more energy in every sip of this.


While the Mango Smoothie is a sweet, fun colored cold drink that would rejuvenate your tired self and bring you happy thoughts that would give you hope for better days.


And for the last drink, we had Illy Café’s Frullati. If the cucumber and/or the mango didn’t work its powers on you, then don’t worry because third time is a charm, right? Try out Illy Caffé’s Frullati which is a combination of chopped up fruit blended with delicious milk and ice.


Lastly, to top this all off, for dessert, we had Illymisu. This is Illy Caffé’s signature dessert. This one is made fresh daily with mascarpone cheese, lady finger biscuits, chocolate powder, and topped with espresso.


With everything that we gobbled down, we think we really got it right that we started by describing Illy Caffé as a precious gem because it really is. As there are a lot of café catering to each and every individual’s needs, Illy Caffé is a café one should really try out because it would be a mistake to let this one go!

Address: Paseo De Roxas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 7AM to 12AM

Follow Illy Cafe’ on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: Illy Caffe

Instagram: Illy Caffe’

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