Wan Chai Restaurant says hi: This restaurant in Binondo is worthy of a try!

The thing about Binondo is that it is so rich in culture, in history, and definitely, in flavors, but of course, what is in the limelight are the Asian roots that has always been in the country, particularly the Chinese ones. After all, Binondo is a home to the ever-loved Chinatown of the Philippines

And so, being at Binondo, you would be regretting not trying out even a few of the Chinese restaurants that have been present ever since, especially the ones like Wan Chai Restaurant. Upon entering, what would strike you are their yellow chairs in a spacious venue.

Wan Chai Restaurant might have you overwhelmed with the wide spread of different dishes they are offering once you get to see their menu as well as their openness to whatever the customer wants or requests. That being said, as we are yet to try more of the restaurants here in binondo, we decided to try only three delectable dishes that would sure to have our palate all happy.

Chicken Hot Pot (Php 385)

First up is their Chicken Hot Pot (Php 385) which actually was our favorite here at Wan Chai Restaurant. This dish is as saucy and as savory as we wanted it to be, plus the chicken in it was easy to chew. It was no doubt easy to love!

Speaking of easy to adore, their next dish that we got to try was something we didn’t expect could be. The Fried Shrimp in Orange Sauce (Php 385) is a total give away of what it really is and you could tell it was real tangy and has that refreshing zing for some added boost.

For the last booster but not the least here at Wan Chai Restaurant, their Crabstick Mango Roll (Php 330) is something that has a quaint taste almost similar to a macaroni salad without the macaroni. Its blend of sweet and a pinch of saltiness is just great with the combination of crunch and succulency in every mouthful.

That being said, Wan Chai Restaurant really is a restaurant worthy to try. We only got to try three of their dishes, and really, their menu is packed and loaded with so much more, so better check all their offerings out and tell us about your experience with them as well! 

Follow Wan Chai Restaurant on their Social Media page below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanchaiteahouse/

Address: 1006, 918 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 245 4406

Hours of Operation: 8AM to 11PM

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