Wear that crown and eat like a king at King Chef Seafood Restaurant

Before hitting the road and heading home, we roamed around Lucky China Town and found ourselves in another yet food adventure we are happy to bring you with! This one is one of those restaurants that is just not even trying for people to like them as their interiors are just lush.

Their ceiling is adorned with bright lights and a bit of ornaments making the place even more elegant than it already is. King Chef Seafood Restaurant is sporting a really huge dining space filled with round tables and chairs with diners happily chirping with their family and friends all the while munching on their delectable orders.

Speaking of orders, we got to have some of their bestsellers that had us believing each of it is a bestseller for a reason and that reason is what you will soon find out as we are to eat our way through four of King Chef Seafood Restaurant’s delectable delicacies.

Hakaw (Php 155)

Starting with a Cantonese Style Dimsum of theirs, namely their Hakaw (Php 155) which is served in a classic bamboo steamer keeping it all warm and yummy when you finally decide to snatch yourself one; which with us, happened the moment it was placed on our table.

Braised Beef Brisket with Tendon in Pot (Small Php 400 | Medium Php 600 | Large Php 990)

Next to that tasty Hakaw was their Braised Beef Brisket with Tendon in Pot (Small Php 400 | Medium Php 600 | Large Php 990) that is savory, saucy, and absolutely flavourful! This one is packed with flavor that will sure love up your palate as the meat and tendon are both tender in every bite.

Chicken in Salted Egg (Php 380)

After having a saucy one, we opted for another delicious offering of theirs that really is a favorite of ours. The Chicken in Salted Egg (Php 380) is such a lip-smacking good dish that we sure will be going back to! This one comes with a mixed vinegar sauce that elevates its taste even more. We totally adored this dish that we ordered another for take-out.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Small Php 310 | Medium Php 470 | Large Php 780)

And of course, with a bunch of different viands on our table, we are not to stand up from it without having some rice, specifically their Yang Chow Fried Rice (Small Php 310 | Medium Php 470 | Large Php 780) that definitely filled us up in no time.

With our tummies almost full, it was the perf time to sweeten this meal time of ours with a gorgeous, blooming dessert of theirs, the 3D Blossom Gelatin (Php 180). This beautiful ender is such a pleaser to the eyes as it is a pleaser to the taste buds. It has the right kiss of sweetness to it, plus it is milky as well!  

That being said, King Chef Seafood Restaurant truly has given us a dining experience to remember. We are even so happy that they are soon to open another branch which we won’t be telling where, but it sure is near us! We just could not wait to get a hold and taste of more of their dishes as this one was indeed a palatable success!

Follow King Chef Seafood Restaurant on their Social Media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingchefseafoodrestaurant/

Website: https://www.kingchef.com.ph/

Featured Branch: King Chef Seafood Restaurant, Lucky Chinatown Mall

Address: 2/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 742 5464

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 11PM

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