West Town’s Coffee: Where your Coffee is as Special as You!


Hey coffee lovers! How do you want your coffee, light, medium or strong?
Light, as you wish the rest of your day would be?
Medium, as normal as your life can be?
Or strong, like how you should be to win in life?
Whatever your choice may be, they have it, brew it and craft it in WestTown’s Coffee.


Everyone has their own preference of coffee, some like it light and citrusy, others like it roasted and strong, and WestTown’s is sure to deliver the coffee that you exactly want. With their advanced coffee profiling, your coffee can be made using either the high tech espresso machine (the first of its kind in the country) or the “slowbar” for an artistically, step-by-step slow process of coffeemaking.


WestTown’s Coffee got its name from West Town, Chicago U.S, where the original store was put up way back in 1993 as a family business and was only revived, still family-owned, here in the Philippines. This industrial-vintage themed coffee shop is focused on its commitment and it is to give Third Wave high quality coffee and mixology experience. “Third Wave Coffee” means that coffee is treated not just as a commodity but as an artisan, a craft beverage. From the selection of high-grade Arabica beans such as Ethiopia Sidamo Premium and Atok Benguet to the brewing process, WestTown’s carefully crafts every beverage they give to their customers.



WestTown’s Coffee is not just “all about coffee”, they also offer non-coffee beverages, breads and my personal favorite, Italian Soda. Since they are on soft opening, the menu is still developing but here are some of WestTown’s has to offer.


Espresso – As a non-coffee person, I thought I would like the “light” espresso more, but I was surprised that I liked the “strong” espresso most. Like wine, you’ll know how good is it just by smelling, taste is just for confirmation.

Cappuccino – as smooth as you want your day would be. It has this rich and calming effect that soothes your soul.


Latte – choice is broad that’s why they have flavors like hazelnut caramel, salted caramel and matcha.
Hazelnut Caramel Latte – the hazelnut complements very well with the coffee.


Matcha Latte – just the perfect one, the right amount of matcha and milk makes the perfect mix for the matcha latte.


Croissant- comes in different flavors/fillings, the croissants are soft, airy and buttery that melts in your mouth. Perfect for a hot cup of coffee.


Salted Caramel Kettle Corn Frappe – one of the smoothest frappe I’ve ever tasted and stays the same even if left untouched for a long time, unlike other frappes where ingredients separate.


WestTown’s also offer affogato, a coffee based dessert wherein gelato is poured over with espresso. For this one, Vanilla Almond Affogato, right amount of espresso complements with the gelato, the flavors are smooth the moment you taste it.

There’s a lot for you to discover in WestTown’s Coffee. You also have the chance to learn more about coffee if ever you meet Hayb, the owner. He is really passionate about coffee that he trained under the supervision of the oldest certified barista in the country, Henry Magalona and continues to learn about the craft whenever he’s abroad. WestTown’s Coffee is your next favorite coffee place that promises to give you, “your coffee for you”.

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West Town Coffee

Address: Ground Floor, Premium Retail Plaza, Milano Residences, Poblacion, Makati City
Contact Number: +63 9778030917
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 7AM to 1AM

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