What Better Way To Spread Some Love Than Spread Love?

It is time to spread some love as Spread Love is a cheese and dessert shop so if you are one to delight in such, then they sure have the perfect treats for you!

Unfortunately, we were not able to have their desserts (maybe next time though), but we sure enjoyed two of their Spread options! Starting with their Cheese Pimiento which is actually a bestseller! This yummy and cheesy goodness by Spread Love has our cheese-loving hearts swooning over it instantly.

Specifically, we got their Cheese Pimiento with Bacon (Small 200g Php 330 | Medium 350h Php 500 | Large 500g Php 700) because we are meat fans too so we thought of getting the best of both worlds — cheese and bacon! If you want your Cheese Pimiento as is, then do know that they also have that as well. It even comes in Small 200g Php 280, Medium 350g Php 420, and Large 500g Php 680. Another playful cheesy option for you is their Cheese Pimiento with Jalapeño (Small 200g Php 330 | Medium 350h Php 500 | Large 500g Php 700).

Indeed, Spread Love will have you wrapped in cheesy bliss in no time; just like what they did to us! Their Cheesy Pimiento spreads are definitely tasty and easy to love so we made sure to try another product of theirs.

Their Spinach Artichoke Dip is a rave-worthy goodie that had us looking forward to our snack time more than ever! Available as Baked in a Tin Can (500g Php 750) and as a Spread in a Jar (300g Php 400), we straight up went for a bigger serving just because we knew right away that it will be one of our go-to dips and spreads.

Now we make sure to shop for more bread and even chips because pairing those with Spread Love’s Cheese Pimiento with Bacon and Spinach Artichoke Dip just takes them to a whole delicious level. We can’t wait to have a go with them soon!

To get yourself their Cheese Pimiento Spread and Spinach Artichoke Dip, you can drop your orders via their Instagram Page. Do make sure to check out some of their sweet treats too and recommend to us what you like the most!

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