What is new on Inflatable Island 2019?: 4 Amazeballs Additions in the Biggest Floating Playground in Asia you have got to see!

A playground truly brings back fun memories from childhood. With swings that go up so high you think you’ll never come back from Jupiter, slides that would make you wish you could go slower to enjoy it even more or go faster so you could go do it again, see-saws that give you more cherished moments with your playmate, monkey bars that make you think you’re in a jungle like Tarzan, no doubt a child’s mind go beyond the horizon that our eyes could see.

And you know what? You dont have to keep it as a secret that you sometimes wish you are a kid again, just hating on one of the many things that you so desperately need right now that you are an adult – a nap. But then again, where are we really going with this?

Well, smartypants, if you must know, everything might seem to be all about the hustle, but that is where you are wrong because somewhere in Subic, there is a floating playground wherein adults can be kids again, swimming, sliding, jumping, climbing, and whatnot away from all those responsibilities. Don’t get us wrong though, we are not saying jeopardize your whole career, but rather take a breather and take it all in because the Inflatable Playground is a leveled up version of your go-to childhood playground and they’ve got some new additions you have got to check out, try out, and conquer!

Photo by: Primer

1.) Unicornzilla

First off, this one is such a humongous actualization of a childhood dream. The Unicornzilla is an enormous inflatable version of the allegedly mythical and enthralling creature, the unicorn. Claiming as the biggest unicorn in the entire world, being 15 meters tall, the Unicornzilla is definitely not a mountain but it is such an awesome climb with a surprise swimming pool that could fit up to 20 people on its body. And when you wanna go down, the only way is take a slide on its gigantic unicorn tail! Talk about taking your beach experience to a whole new elevated level, right?

Photo by: Primer

2.) Vortex

It is not only the Unicornzolla which will have your jaw dropping to the depths of the sea as another new colossal and all original design creation of Inflatable Island will have you amazed and pumped up. The Vortex might sound a bit matrix-y or it can also be compared to a Phineas and Ferb invention because this one is indeed that slide in your childhood playground turned 100 times better for adrenaline! This one is labeled as their craziest inflatable yet which really is just right because it is composed of three super duper mega over fun slides – one that is a really long, fast slide, one that is of slide and drop, and another that is of a cliff jump. It is all yours for the taking so slide away!

Photo by: Primer

3.) Bali Lounge

Now, other than the fact that going to Inflatable Island means you are ecstatic to try out the Floating Playground, you might also want to check out their onshore lounges that are totally made for of course, lounging, and is in for a major upgrade! The Bali Lounge has been transformed into that monochromatic dream yours which is a split color combo of an all yellow and an all pink ensemble!

Photo by: Inside Manila

4.) Sunflower Bed Lounge

Other than a major fun colorful upgrade for the Bali Lounge, Inflatable Island has a brand new lounge that is just as dreamy and as summer-y. The Sunflower Bed Lounge is that signature symbol that would be completing your fun in the sun. Your can stay in this stunning lounge with an umbrella for shelter and shade for only Php 1500 with snacks and drinks delivered to you via a food boat great for 4 people! Truly, this lounge is such a beaut that would go well with your summer aesthetic.

There you go! Those are the four new things to check out and try out here at Inflatable Island Subic. What are you waiting for? Drive away and enjoy your summer getaway with the biggest inflatables in any water park here in the Philippines and the prettiest comfy lounges you’ll ever get to rest on just perfect for that ultimate summer escape!

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