What To Eat at Burgos Eats!

BGC is now considered as one of the foodie hubs in the metro. It’s a home to hundreds of unique and specialty restaurants that give diners a lot of food choices.

We particularly love areas with a lot of restaurants around it. One good place in BGC is Burgos Eats. It’s strategically located along Rizal Drive and near Burgos Circle. It houses 5 five restaurants as of the moment which are all under Max’s Group.

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We had a chance to visit all five restaurants in the area during Max’s Group’s Valentine’s treat. We totally loved everything that we had. Now, let’s talk about it in more detail?

1. Teriyaki Boy

Teriyaki Boy is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of Japanese food that’s value-friendly. The restaurant has a modern Japanese-style design. Their best sellers include Teriyaki Boy Chicken, Tuna Teriyaki, and Beef Strips Teriyaki.

During this visit, we tried one of their newest items such as Cheesy Gyoza. This became an instant favorite! The ooey gooey cheese sauce made their classic gyoza a whole new flavor. We also had California maki, and Tofu Steak. If you love Japanese food, Teryiaki Boy is a must visit!

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2. Pancake House

We honestly love breakfast food so we always find ourselves enjoying most Pancake House offerings. Our favorites are Pancake House Fried Chicken, and their Bibingka Pancakes.

We were served a lot during this visit and we indulged in their Red Velvet, Choco Overload, Banoffee pancakes. We were quite impressed with the latter as it’s not too sweet and the real banana slices are nice addition to the chocolatey taste of the pancakes.

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3. Jamba Juice

When it comes to real fruit smoothies, Jamba Juice is one of the leaders. Jamba Juice promises its consumers nothing but healthy juices, and packed with vitamins smoothies. Their best sellers are Strawberries Wild and Banana Berry.

Though our favorite here is their off-the-menu Red Gummy Bear, during this visit, we tried Coffee Affogato. Jamba Juice PH let us experience making our own drink. How cool is that? We went ahead and put our hair nets and aprons on. It was nice invading the Jamba Juice kitchen and making our own shakes.

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You want an insider tip? We were told by the Manager that anyone can actually make their own drink. Just ask their friendly staff and they will let you access their refrigerator and blender. This is in line with Jamba Juice promise of transparency that they only serve quality and real ingredients. Try it one time!

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4. Yellow Cab

Who doesn’t like pizza? We are self-confessed pizza fanatics so a visit in Yellow Cab made us truly happy.

Yellow Cab serves quality pizzas and pasta dishes. Our favorites are their Dear Darla and Charlie Chan pasta. During this visit, we had the chance to make our own pizza. And it truly made us ecstatic! We went for their #4 Cheese pizza and we totally loved it!



5. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is undeniably one of the most loved doughnut places in the metro. Their Original Glazed is our absolute favorite! When we knew that we will also do our own doughnut, our hearts jumped with glee!

We actually went to their High Street store to experience designing our very own heart-shaped doughnuts. The experience was fund and one for the books!



Overall, we truly enjoyed all the restaurants in Burgos Eats. These are all brands that we all know of. These are brands that bring us nothing but good food.

P.S. It was nice celebrating Valentine’s Day here at Burgos Eats. Our food-filled hearts were rejoicing! Thanks Max’s Group!

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