What to eat at Tim Hortons?

Ever stumbled upon Tim Hortons and got overwhelmed with the variance of offerings that actually have that are a great pair to your chosen Tim Hortons beverage? Well, panic no more, because here we are to show you what you can actually get, depending on what you are craving for.

Tim Hortons has been the talk of the town for quite some time now and we know it is not only because they have great-tasting coffee, but also because their nomnoms are just downright drool-worthy! What they actually are known for are their Timbits, but besides that, let’s find out what other options you have here at Tim Hortons, shall we?

1.) Donuts

Of course, as we have mentioned, Timbits are a popular choice, but you could get that on a bigger size and so, here comes their donuts! We recommend you sink your teeth into their Double Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Dip¸ Maple Dip, and Old-fashioned Chocolate Glazed.

2.) Muffins

Other than drool-worthy Donuts, Tim Hortons has a lot of nomnoms that would satisfy your sweet tooth, no matter how big that is! Surely, Tim Hortons’ Red Velvet Muffin, Double Chocolate Chip Muffin, and Fruit Explosion will have you thinking about when is the next time you can get another, and the answer is now.

3.) Cakes & Other Pastries

From donuts to muffins, let’s get you hyped up even more with a ton of other pastries like their luscious cakes, the Chocolate Caramel Glass Cake and the Strawberry Red Velvet Cake! Other than those, you could delight in their Honey Cruller and Apple Fritter which are both must-tries.

4.) Savories

However, of course, Tim Hortons does not only have sweets to pair with your beverage choice, because they sure have savory treats that would fill you up as their Tuna Melt Sandwich alongside their Crispy Chicken Sandwich are both hearty the-bombs!

There really are a lot of options here at Tim Hortons, and they are still cooking and brewing up more goodies for their Philippine crowd! Just like their breakfast treat that was just a limited time offer at first, but is now a staple on their breakfast menu, the Timdesal! This once limited-time-product-turned-breakfast-staple of Tim Hortons is a Filipino breakfast fave with a Canadian twist. With cheese, bacon, and garlic aioli sauce, we hope you soon get the chance to fuel your morning up with this bad boy!

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