What’s the latest on Domino’s Pizza? Baked Rice Bowls!

Domino’s Pizza has been a household name here in the Philippines for years now. And obviously, they have garnered a loyal customer base with their selection of fresh all-American pizzas that are promised to be delivered within 30 minutes. Truly, this had people hooked since we all love having our food on our table as fast as possible!

But wait, because Domino’s Pizza actually recently launched a surprice for everyone! It is not everyday that you are up for pizza, especially during lunch time. After all, rice is life, right? Well, Domino’s Pizza has that covered for you as well! Their solution to your dilemma: their all new Baked Rice Bowls!

Baked Riced Bowls

Yes, you read that right! Domino’s Pizza does not only offer pizza anymore, because they now have added two delicious rice bowls to their menu. However, by now you should know that Domino’s Pizza don’t just go for the typical because their rice bowls are actually baked, not fried. On top of that, their Baked Rice Bowls are also buttered and cheesy so each surely are packed with flavor!

Korean Beef Rice Bowl
Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl

The Baked Rice Bowls of Domino’s Pizza actually comes in two variants and they are both centered around classic Asian meat toppings. Their Korean Beef Rice Bowl is a bed of freshly cooked rice topped with tender beef strips glazed with that Koren brown sauce together with sliced green and red peppers; while their Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl also comes with a bed of freshly cooked rice and then of course, topped with chicken chunks drizzled with that sweet and savory teriyaki glaze alongside corn kernels and spinach.

Indeed, these two buttered and cheesy Baked Rice Bowls by Domino’s Pizza will definitely satisfy your hungry tummy regardless if you are working from home or you are already back in the office. These two, after all, are both sumptuous blends of filling carbs and tasty protein so you will always end your lunch time with a heavy belly.

Know more about these Baked Rice Bowls by Domino’s Pizza and their other products by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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