When in Naga, be sure to have a yummy jammin’ sesh with Bob Marlin

It was the day we wished to hopefully just stay at bay, not come, you know? But of course, like everything in the world, our enchanting Caramoan trip has to end and that is this day when we are about to have our cute tushies on our seats for hours and hours on end as we commute back to the hustle and bustle of Manila.

However, who said when a good thing ends, that’s it, that’s all you are ever going to get? No one; because after a good thing another good thing may come – and this next good thing that we have for you is in the tasty form of one of Naga City’s best restaurants, the Bob Marlin.

Bob Marlin is a family restaurant that highlights Bicolano food alongside the best of Filipino cuisine has to offer which you can all enjoy in a space housing a laid-back, friendly atmosphere which you, together with your friends and family, can yummily enjoy – which locals can and visitors and tourists that have dined with them can absolutely attest to!

This, being a must-try restaurant in the beautiful city of Naga, wherein we found ourselves waiting for our scheduled ride, is truly something that would have been something to be bummed about if we didn’t get a chance to delight in.

We started this delicious jammin’ sesh with Bob Marlin by digging into their Laing (Php 119) which surely did not disappoint in every spoonful we had. Its lovely taste and texture is a treat that would be hard to stop thinking about.

Another dish that was hard to resist and we still think we should have had more of is Bob Marlin’s Malasugui Steak (Php 99 per 100g). Malasugui is Marlin, for those who don’t know, and them being Bob Marlin, we expected so much from this dish and it totally exceeded our expectations, especially it comes with their sumptuous squid sauce which makes this dish even more delectable than it already is.

Of course, being in Bicol, we are not to miss out on one of their known dishes which is called Crispy Bicol Express (Php 223). Bicol Express as it is is already great-tasting, but who knew having it with crispy bits of pork will put it to another delicious level that we undeniably found ourselves loving even more.

As Bob Marlin is actually known for their Crispy Pata (Family which is good for 5 to 6 people Php 629 | Medium which is good for 3 to 4 people Php 539), even having been awarded as one of the Top 10 “Sooo Pinoy” Awardees, of course we are not letting this opportunity pass as we were able to get a taste and even more so, a fill, of this oh so yummy dish that comes with pata sauce and atcharang singkamas. Truly, worth an #OMG! in every bite.

Tying this altogether, these dishes are even better paired with their Garlic Rice (Php 50 / Php 240) which just might be the reason for you to be scooping more and more nomnoms off of your plate because that’s exactly what happened to us which we deserve no judgement of, nonetheless.

Sealing our Bob Marlin eating extravaganza with a sweet kiss, we had a serving of their milky, creamy, and caramel-y Leche Flan (Php 50) that is just lip-smacking good and is the perfect delectable way to end this one with.

For drinks, Bob Marlin has a reggae bar called Café Rasta wherein you will be able to get refreshing ice-cold drinks and is located at the Al fresco Patio of the restaurant itself, sporting quirky, fun decors and groovy music which some nights, usually during Fridays and Saturdays, are being played live by artists – may it be a local band or a band especially invited from the Metro for that ultimate jammin’ sesh experience like no other.

Perfect for the summer heat, you can go for their Fresh Fruit Shakes, particularly the Mango Shake (Php 89), and their Iced Tea (Regular Php 45 | Bottomless Php 80 | Pitcher Php 220) which you can try out with its revitalizing Lychee variant, as these two beverages will really give you that power boost against the passionate warm weather we have.

Bob Marlin alongside Café Rasta have an extensive menu offering that any local and traveler or vacationer alike will really delight in as each person who dines with them will have a taste of the best of the best that Naga has to offer, leaving you wanting for more and looking forward to dine with them again in your next visit.

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