When you are up for an eat out in Bohol, let Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar deliciously surprise you with what they have for you!


Have you ever heard about the saying, “Where there is smoke, there is fire”? Well, if you have not, then you have to check out Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar on your next Bohol trip as it is surely a living testament to that famous line. This wagyu steakhouse and laid back gastronomic lounge is definitely on fire!




Opened August of 2010, with almost a decade in, Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar is breaking the usual stiff and strict ambiance not just  with good, but great food, together with chill music, and fun dining – not fine dining – as this place is oozing of hip vibes that would encourage you to relax more and just enjoy every bit of moment spent here.


Upon arrival, we cannot deny how the place has a rustic modern feel to it and that has always given us a trip to home. Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar has also given us some complimentary bread to munch on while waiting for our other food.


To officially start our unforgettable moment with Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar, the Meat Nachos were served on our table and we cannot help ourselves but to dig in more and more into the pile of tender meat and crispy nacho chips which is so flavorful with a kick of spice in it.


Beginning to crave for a heavier fill, the Grilled Octopus might seem a bit daunting, but the tackle with this one is so worth it! The tender tentacles are incredibly delightful in every bite because we love a good seafood dish, no doubt!


Being texture fans, we hands down love that big crunch fun that was given to us by the Crackling Pork Bellly with its shatteringly crisp, delectable seasoned crackling and tender meat that has made us reach for more rice than we intend to eat.



Furthering our crunch adventure, the Crispy Pork Knuckles is another pork dish that is tender and juicy in the inside and has that lovely crisp on the outside that we cannot even stress how appetizing and delicious it was.



As if we have not had enough meat for today, Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar has served us their Smoked Tomahawk Ribeye which was a scrumptious thick chunk of ribeye that reminded us of one of our favorite iconic cartoons, the Flintstones.


Another pork dish that we absolutely took delight in every mouthful was the Tomahawk Katsu Pork. This deep fried pork chop that has an easy to chew interior alongside a crunchy, seasoned yummy exterior has brought more comfort within us than we think.


Proving our theory that everything here in Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar is totally delicious, the dish called Truffled Ube Gnocchi is an exciting and flavorsome dish that we suggest you also try out with your friends and family for that extra fun meal time experience!


Of course, having some savory dishes in our system has made us full, leading us to being a tad bit sleepy. With that, we were given some brewed coffee in order for us to be wide awake as we still have more drinks to help wash down the food we have happily gobbled down altogether.


Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar’s Iced Tea was soon on our table as well, which we took a sip on and gave us that much needed refreshing feel we have always loved.


As we are up for more drinks that would make us chase the stress away and help us enjoy our time even more, the Pina Colada indeed gave us that sweet zest in life we have been looking for!


Lastly, Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar’s Sangria is like a festive kind of drink that had us sipping more and more as the sweet, fruity taste of it was undeniably enjoyable.

After having a hearty and happy meal time with Smoque Bistro + Café & Bar, we could say that this one was truly a surprise especially its interiors don’t really scream Bohol, as how others have also described the place, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great dining place here in the home of the famed Chocolate Hills!

Follow Smoque Bistro & Cafe & Bar on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: Smoque Bistro & Cafe & Bar

Instagram: Smoque Bistro & Cafe & Bar

Address: Carlos P. Garcia East Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Contact Number: 0918 300 8180

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11AM to 10PM, Closed on Mondays

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