Which flavorful latte are you?

Your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s iced lattes can tell a thing or two about you. 

Do you constantly find yourself ordering the same flavored iced latte day in and out? Don’t be surprised! Your flavor preference may be telling something about your personality you have yet to discover. While all iced lattes may seem equal in taste, some flavors can actually reveal more about your choice and how it relates to yourself. Test it out yourself and see if your chosen flavor and your personality are a match!

Cafe Latte

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  • You’re warm and compassionate towards the people around you. You’re not afraid to show your classic and genuine self to others. Because of that, people are attracted to your openness and authenticity. It’s no wonder you’re famous for your originality!

Vanilla Latte

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  • You enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Your humble and down-to-earth personality makes you one of the kindest and friendliest people in the room. It’s not surprising to see people gravitate towards you because of your light-hearted nature.

Caramel Macchiato

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  • You love to view the sweeter side of things. Your friends admire you for your optimism and positive vibes. You’re known to indulge in a bit of adventure to live life to the fullest. You always say yes to any kind of fun or a self-care treat.

Mocha Latte

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  • You enjoy spontaneity in life or anything that adds flavor to your everyday. You’re also a trendsetter who loves to take on new hobbies or activities that people soon follow suit. There’s always something fresh about you, and people love listening to your fantastic stories and hip experiences every time. 

Double Chocolate Latte 

Photo by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • You’re an energetic character who’s always eager to delight those who surround you. You’re the life of the party, making sure there’s never-ending laughter and fun. Your aura and presence make spending time with you always a pleasurable experience. 
Photo by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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