Why do one pound at a time when you can have everything delectable at Pound by Todd English?

Mysterious and classy – upon looking at Pound by Todd English, it has this vibe that will pique your interest and might even intimidate some, but don’t let that happen because Pound by Todd English got some mad food offering that would totally be a shame to miss out on.

With a load of burgers and sliders, greens, pastas, poutine for sharing, and of course fries, Pound by Todd English has a menu you should stalk especially that their dishes are far from being the wrong choice because their food are actually all stylish, gorgeously plated, and just downright delicious.

Starting with one of their Something Green dishes, the Crispy Chicken Wrap (Php 175) is of Todd English crispy chicken, crispy romaine lettuce, anchovy, and Todd English creamy dressing house in a lovely pita wrap.

Next to that is one of Pound by Todd English’s Pasta, the Caramelized Bacon Alfredo (Solo Php 130 | Full Size Php 250) which is an order of delightful creamy pasta dish with candied pork belly bits.

After that is a dish that is great for sharing as their Pizza (Php 160) has fresh cut fries, roasted garlic, tomato sauce, basil chiffonade, parmesan, and pepperoni.

Onto what Pound by Todd English is known for which are their burgers and sliders, the #Backyard Cheeseburger Double Patty (Php 380) is made with house ground beef patty, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and onions.

Following that is the #T.E. Crispy Chicken Burger (Php 225) which you can get with fried egg and crispy bacon (Php 325) and comes with T.E. sweet spice, crispy pickled slaw, and cilantro aioli is truly a delight.

Another burger dish that is a must-try is the T.E. Burger (Php 195) which you can also get with fried egg and crispy bacon (Php 295) and is served with house ground beef patty, tomato, iceberg lettuce, crispy onion, mustard relish, and T.E. sauce.

For drinks, Pound by Todd English has some milkshakes that are great for satisfying that sweet tooth, especially the OMG Chocolate Milkshake – OMG Brownie (120) which is a glass of yum in every sip.

Another drink to try here at Pound by Todd English is the Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale (Php 180) which is an old-fashioned authentic ginger ale and is considered as the freshest ginger ale in Manila – perfect for a gulp of fresh kick for that much awaited relaxation day or chill night.

Finally getting the time and the chance to eat at Pound by Todd English is a wonderful dining experience that is certainly one for the books and one that is memorable especially Pound by Todd English made each and every minute with them worthwhile as they did not only served awesome dishes, but also their space is such posh and beauty.

Other than that, this meal with Pound by Todd English was just made extra exquisite because it was spent with people that are not only of importance, but also because these people drive each and every one into the best they can be and that is the kind of people everyone deserves in their lives – just like how Pound by Todd English deserves to be tried out!

Featured Branch: Pound by Todd English Eastwood City

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