Why settle for a slice of heaven when you can have a tray of it with Mascarpone Cake by Benassi?

We are here going, “Layers! Layers! Layers!”, and you are probably going, “No. It’s too hot out.”, but that’s not the kind of layers we are talking about. Yes, we appreciate a good layering action, fashion-wise, but what we are talking about right now is layers on our food! We love a good layering action when it comes to our food too, so you bet we are all head over heels in love with this Mascarpone Cake from Mascarpone Cake by Benassi.

This delectable dessert is popular in Italy, but worry not, because you do not actually have to travel to Italy to get a taste of it. Mascarpone Cake by Benassi follows an authentic Italian family owned recipe and many people could actually vouch for this treat, including us!

As Mascarpone Cake by Benassi is committed with providing the best Mascarpone Cake they could whip up in their kitchen, they definitely are very hands on with making sure that the ingredients they are using are of best quality, especially their premium Mascarpone cheese! Each and every Mascarpone Cake produced by Mascarpone Cake by Benassi is of delicious layers of Savoiardi biscuits all soaked in espresso, Mascarpone cream, and then dusted with cocoa powder, so you will indeed be enjoying lovely layered goodie in every mouthful.

With all that now out in the open, we are going to let you in in a not-so-secret secret about this Mascarpone Cake, okay? This dessert was actually hailed as one of Manila’s Best Tiramisus back when the restaurant Benassi Ristorante Italiano was still open! Good thing, the Italian-Filipino owner, Katia Benassi De Guzman, herself, has gone out of her way to share her well-loved creation again.

Truly, this Mascarpone Cake is not just a slice of heaven, but rather a moist and creamy tray of it that is available in Large (9×12 Php 1500) which is good for 10 to 12 people as well as in Small (6×9 Php 800) which is good for 5 to 6 people. Know more about Macarpone Cake by Benassi by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. To order, you can drop them a message or reach them at 09955598384.

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