Why settle for good when you can have Belly Good MNL?

Good is not just enough. We want something that is very good — and that we found at Belly Good MNL. Belly Good MNL is all about dishes that will have your eyes sparkling, your nose breathing in more, and your mouth watering like it has never before. Yes, with Belly Good MNL, your belly will surely thank you.

“Straight out from Belly Good MNL’s Kitchen to your hungry belly” — that’s their promise, and we know, that’s something your are fond of, too. It has been seven months and we have no idea until when all this will drag out, but with stores like Belly Good MNL, we could probably say there is still something to be grateful for.

What’s to be grateful for?, you might ask. Well, if you are a fan of bagnet, then that’s one reason. And that one reason will no doubt branch out to more reasons as Belly Good MNL has more than one dish that is of bagnet.

First up is their Kare-Kare Bagnet. Talk about making something delicious even more delicious, right? As top tier of a dish Kare-Kare is, this Kare-Kare Bagnet by Belly Good MNL truly changes the game.

Another dish that Belly Good MNL leveled up with bagnet is their Binagoongan Bagnet. Imagine having that flavorful feel in every mouthful together with the meaty, crunchy bite that only bagnet has to offer!

And of course, why settle for one classic Pinoy dish when you can do your palate a favor and go for two? Say hello to Belly Good MNL’s Bulalo Sisig. This one will have you sighing from being “busog” once you have finished gobbling everything there is to gobble with it.

To check out and order more of Belly Good MNL’s more than good dishes, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also ring these following numbers for a more immediate response:

Globe & Viber: 09171387040
Smart: 09216954672
Landline: 0275867792

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