Wicked Dogs: Serving you not only the biggest and baddest dogs, but also the meatiest dogs in town!

With a new owner handling the place, this hotdog joint has surely seen more great fun times with people of late night partying or maybe even just chilling, filled with booze, hotdogs, and a whole lot more!



Serving beer colder and cheaper than your ex, you will be shouting thank u, next more often than you think.






The Wicked Dogs, as far as they know, are serving the cheapest beer in Poblacion, and of course here we are doing a public service announcement just for you guys to take that opportunity and drink your woes away just like we did, partnered with a bunch of scrumptious food from their new menu.

As the night was still young when we got here, we first ordered some pica-pica. Wicked Dogs’ Starters are filled with appetizers, pulutans, and other stuff they can’t categorize – just like Anak ng Tokwa, Cheese Bombs, Wicked Wings, and Nacho (not) Libre!


The Anak ng Tokwa (Php 120) will surely give you something to talk about, starting with some casual talks with each mouthful of this no pork, all tofu order that comes with a dip that enhances more of its flavor.


Following that is a bestseller of Wicked Dogs which was also a favorite of ours, the Cheese Bombs (Php 130). With breaded mozzarella and cheddar, deep fried to a golden brown finish, this one is undeniably a famous pulutan of many.


Partner that plate of Cheese Bombs with this next nomnom, what we will tell you is you are very much welcome. The Wicked Wings (Php 270) is a classic buffalo wings and drums served with blue cheese dip. An order of this dish is already a delight, but we suggest you eat it with the Cheese Bombs because that combination is just heaven!


Bringing you more cheesy overloaded fun, Nacho (not) Libre! (Full Php 270 | Half Php 190) needs no description as this is also a favorite of lots. With it being cheesy and beefy and gooey and has everything you are looking for in a good plate nachos, this Wicked Dogs version is something you should not miss out on.

Now, as the night grow darker and as the conversation starts to get deeper, enjoy Wicked Dogs’ Specialty Dogs – huge dogs that are definitely bigger than yours, comes with a serving of lip-smacking good fries.


Starting this one brave and strong with the Wasabi Dog (Php 290) that is just like most Japanese-inspired hotdogs, this marriage of wasabi and dog didn’t actually come from Japan, but from the US. This weiner comes from the state of Texas, served on a split French bread bun, and topped with a smear of wasabi mayo, a lime of katsu sauce, a sprinkle of katsuobushi, and julienned seaweed chips.


Following that with a classic called Chili Cheese Dog (Php 260) which hails from the Southwestern United States, served with a huge frankfurter, sandwiched between a split French bread bun, and topped with a hefty serving not only of chili, but also of course, of cheese.


After that classic is another delicious dish that is the Skinny Pigs in a Blanket (Php 290). With two long Viennese sausages in a blanket of bacon, French bread bun smothered with butter and cream cheese, topped with chili con carne, salsa fresca and fresh cilantro leaves, this one was actually their official entry for Baconfest Manila.


For more bacon adventure, grab their Bacon Mushroom Dog (Php 290) which we don’t really need to say more about because it’s just downright delicious! Hungarian sausage sandwich with succulent mushrooms, crispy bacon, and caramelized onion doused with their signature cream sauce, this one is oozing of a great flavor blend of savory and a tad bit sweet.


The last Specialty Dog that we got to try for tonight was the Tijuana Bacon Dog (Php 290) also known as the danger dog as this combination was born in Tijuana in the 1950s and has more than a few versions in probably all of the states. Wicked Dogs’ version came from New Jersey, served on split French bread bun, bacon-wrapped frankfurter, deep-fried to perfection, and topped with cheese sauce, chili con carne, and a fried egg. This one surely is one of the stars for tonight!

After having an already flavorful journey of enticing appetizers and tempting specialty dogs, of course we are not leaving Wicked Dogs without having some of their Special Shots & Stupid Drinks that are so stupid you would want to post them on Social Media!

First is the Guy Fawkes (Php 160) that is usually given as a present to birthday celebrants. Although, remember, remember the fifth of November, play with fire (and rum), you are going to get burned. This drink was hands down a fiery and fun drink to guzzle down – perfect for the adventurous you!


Another was The Wicked Bomb (Php 210); a bomb so wicked, it has not only one, but two shot drops! With vodka, coconut rum, and energy drink, this colourful swill is all pretty and cute and sweet, but of course, also has that punch-in-your-gut feel to it!

If you are up for some real challenge, one where you’ll actually get some bragging rights when it comes to drinking, partying, and basically just getting hammered for more fun-filled nights, try out Teddy’s Going Home (Php 399) which is concocted with four drinks you wouldn’t want to know, but all you have to do is do the shots, ring the bell, and get your name on the board, because here at Wicked Dogs, they don’t do for-the-roads, they do the TGH! #Teddysgoinghome

Plus, if you do the Teddy’s Going Home right, you get a free jackshot, but if you finish 2nd place (because so far no one has beaten the King that is Teddy yet), win a 1L bottle, courtesy of their friends from Jack Daniel’s.

In relation to this, revel in Wicked Dogs’ generous promo of Unli Cocktails for Php 399 everyday, except Mondays, and Php 299 every Wednesdays and Sundays. While if you are in for their Soup of the Day, what they have is no other than your trusty ole beer champ for Php 45 during their Happy Hour which runs from 4PM to 7 PM; and Php 55 for when it is Unhappy Hour; but let’s be honest, here at Wicked Dogs, all hours of the day is Happy Hour.

Be sure to check out Wicked Dogs because they are really up to something as they are to launch more food and drinks soon – two of which are the Everest Dog and 5642. Both are inspired from awe-strucking mountains as Teddy sure loves to conquer great heights!

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