Wipe that drool off of your face and satisfy your boodle fight cravings with Cuesina Garden Bistro!

In the talks of a Pinoy meal time all you need to know is that Filipinos like going big with their food, not only when there is a celebration, but also even on a regular day. Filipinos love food and they particularly love their own food, hence they like big servings, they like a feast, not only because their appetite is huge, but because they see eating as something to bond over with, especially with people close to their hearts like their family and their friends.

And so, if you are looking for a place that encourages you to have a really yummy feast that is sure to serve you a bounty of your favorite Filipino dishes, Cuesina Garden Bistro is your bro! With a rustic-homey setting that is accentuated by patterned tiles and faux plants that are refreshing to the eyes, you definitely are to have a fun meal time especially with you feeling umped up with delicious dishes that go in your mouth.

To start teasing your taste buds, let’s quit beating around the bush and reach for Beef Bone Marrow Bulalo (Php 395) that is part of their Pinoy Style Hotpot ala Cuesina selection. This one is a piping hot, delectable serving of beef bone marrow soup, slow-braised to create a rich, flavorful stock, served with native vegetable mix.

Pork Belly Pritchon (Php 415)

From teasing your taste buds, go devour as much House Specialty as you can. Their Pork Belly Pritchon (Php 415) that is of crispy pork belly deep fried with liver sauce and vinegar and their Cuesina Crispy Pata (Php 525) that is of deep fried pork knuckles with tender meat and crispy skin are truly packed with that much-loved crunch in each bite so don’t miss out!

Kambing na Caldereta (Php 355)

After having those porky goodness, delight in their other meaty dishes such as their Kambing na Caldereta (Php 355) which is a hearty order of slowly simmered veal roast caldereta with carrots, bell peppers, and potatoes and their Beef Kare-Kare ala Cuesina (Php 425) that is of beef stripe and ox-tail cooked in their special kare-kare mix, and is best served with their special bagoong.

Do not stop yourself from plunging more into Cuesina Garden Bistro’s offering and sink your teeth into their Seafood Bucket ala Cuesina (Php 445) that is a bucket-load of assorted mussels, shrimps, and chorizo sausage in a special tomato butter garlic sauce.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some real tasty treats that would have you munching non-stop, you would absolutely love their Grilled Pinoy Style Hanging Barbecue which you have different options of skewered meat to choose from and is all served with native atchara and special vinegar and barbecue sauce. Speaking of meat options for Hanging Barbecue, Cuesina Garden Bistro has Paprika Chicken (Php 85 per skewer), Tender Beef Kebab Style (Php 125 per skewer), Honey BBQ Pork Rumb (Php 95 per skewer), Pork Sate Style (Php 95 per skewer), Assorted Chicken and Pork Intestine Skewers (Php 85 per skewer), and Marinated Suahe (Php 185 per skewer).

Another option that is part of their Grilled Pinoy Style Hanging Barbecue is their Quartered Chicken (Php 185) which actually is not served hanging, but is of quarter-size chicken thigh leg marinated in special sauce in skewer that is available in classic or spicy.

Cuesina Garden Bistro’s dishes are really of big servings, but if you feel like you really are ready to go down town with an absolute feast, they also have different Pinoy Salo Fiesta options which are inspired from the concept of a boodle fight and can satisfy four to six hungry tummies.

The Paraiso (Php 2455) is a load of chicharon bulaklak, inihaw na manok, calderetang itik, nilagang baka, pritchon belly, tomatoes, onions, salted egg, atchara, and of course served alongside steamed rice!

While the Kagubatan (Php 1885) is of inihaw na liempo, adobong manok, beef bone marrow bulalo, assorted inihaw na isaw, tomatoes, onions, salted egg, atchara, and yes, your favorite, steamed rice!

There is no denying that Cuesina Garden Bistro really knows how not to only pleasure your palate, but to satisfy it as well with a variance of mouthwatering Pinoy loves with music to make your meal time even more special and more fun than it already is.

Surely, a smile would be plastered across your face once you are all done and walking out their door, thinking to yourself when you can come back and dine with them again!

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