With a lot of food and a bunch of drinks, you will probably take a bow here at Open Kitchen Cubao

Food Parks have been the rave a few years back and the hype from that is far from dying down because people have always been wowed by the idea of variance – and that is exactly what food parks are offering.







However, Open Kitchen Cubao does not only have variance on their table for the people, but they have kitchens which are open largely for the entire food park to see and that gives the people extra amazement and the chefs a platform to showcase their talent and art.


If you are into grilling, Openfire Grill House offers food prepared fresh while elevating flavors of Filipino dishes by utilizing traditional and modern cooking methods and technology, especially that the owner, Paolo Kinsay used to be a cook himself.


As everything is grilled here, the dishes you definitely have to try out here at Openfire Grill House are their bestsellers such as Whole Grilled Chicken, Sinuglaw, and Tuna Belly. Enjoy tender, fresh, and flavorful plates that would surely get you hooked. Another thing that you should truly give a chance is their Grilled Squid which is a favorite.


Here is a dream come true for all the cheese lovers out there, especially each dish is no doubt a value for your moollah. Established in 2016 but has been growing rapidly and being known by many easily, Mr. Raclette Melted Cheese has well-designed, delicious food that would easily make your heart swoon.


Give the Raclette and Potato Scrape and the Raclette Spam Sandwich a chance as they absolutely deserve the spotlight, especially the Raclette Spam Sandwich is such a level up for a pantry staple to a fancy serving of spamwich layered with greens and generous cheese.


Offering not only different kinds of Authentic Ramen, but also other Japanese dishes at friendly rates, Taka Ramen has been one of the many reasons many folks frequent Open Kitchen Cubao. Having the biggest adjacent dining area compared to other food stalls; Taka Ramen is certainly perfect for families and groups of friends.


Taka Ramen’s Gyoza, Taka Okonomiyaki, and Tonkotsu Ramen are just a few of the delightful dishes you can grab and enjoy. The noodles of the Tonkotsu Ramen are firm, while the soup is all flavorful which makes the whole dish hearty.


Heading onto some drool-worthy, fall-off-the-bones baby back ribs, who would think a rib place would exist in a food park? That being said, Open Kitchen Cubao is truly a wonder to each and every diner here because whatever you are looking for, whatever you are craving for, most likely they have it here!


Mandi’s Kanto Ribs offers meaty plates perfect for sharing, but do not fret because they also have dishes great for the lone wolf. The Grilled Tahong, Large Baby Back Ribs, and Chicken BBQ are just some of the offering that are definitely worth the every spoonful, every forkful, or even every bite when you decide to indulge with your hands.


Now for some Mexican fiesta that is sure to make your dining experience here at open Kitchen Cubao even more fun than it already is, Cartel’s Cali-Mex Grill has all the crunch fun and bomb flavors that your palate will definitely enjoy.


Famous for their Create-your-own Burrito, tacos, and so much more, the BBQ Chicken Pizza is hands down a must-try delicioso dish, especially if you are down for some tender, tasty chicken meat. Another great dish of Cartel’s Cali-Mex Grill is their Nachos which is absolutely amazing for sharing.


Taking a break from all that lip-smacking good gobbling down of different flavors and delightful textures, the Alehouse is the perfect food stall to go to here at Open Kitchen Cubao if you want something to wash it all down.


With Alehouse having imported beers, beers by the bottle, and of course, other beverages such as sodas and bottled water, what you should hands down drink up with the gang is the Beer Tower that can be of all local beers or whatnot.


After having some drinks, you’d want to ease yourself back into the zone of nomnoms and that is exactly what Frying Kick is best doing. With sinfully good quick bites, Frying Kick will certainly give you that delicious kick of snacks that are of course, perfectly fried!



Crispy Bacon Strips, Spam Fries, Bacon Cheese Bites, and Chicken Skin are just some of the tasty pica-pica that Frying Kick is deliciously frying just for you so do not even think twice whether or not you are going to try them out or any other dishes in their scrumptious menu offering.


With the Korean Music and the Korean Drama undeniably taking many hearts in the Philippines, this next food stall will pique the interest of many as well, especially when its name is so out there! K-POPS offer a bunch of Korean dishes that would take you a step closer to your dream of a Korea exploration.



Order up and try out K-POPS’ Kimchi Sisig, Tteokbokki, Spicy Bulgogi, Odeng, and Gimmari and give your palate a mouthful of colorful flavors that are of spice, savor, and so much more, so if you are up for some Korean delish and you are at Open Kitch Cubao, K-POPS is just one of the food stalls offering Korean cuisine here.


Another food concept here at Open Kitchen Cubao that gives the spotlight to Korean cuisine is the Samgyeop Seoul. Their Pork and Beef Platter will make your mouth water and tummy gurgle. Good thing it is as sumptuous as it looks!


Having a taste of Korean cuisine might make you crave for other cuisines and that is not a problem as Open Kitchen Cubao has a food stall offering Thai that you should definitely check out and try some.


The Golden Hat surely will take your attention with their name brightly lit on top of their stall, just tempting you to order some of their delicious offerings, if not all.


With a menu filled with appetizers, salads, noodles, mains, soups, rice, dessert and drink, and their special curry, the Tom Yum Shrimp and Bagoong Rice are such a wonderful recommendation you indeed have to take more than just a bite on and a spoonful of!


Filling yourself up with a variance of dishes that are of different cuisines and delicious taste, you might feel a little ready to loosen up, and as Open Kitchen Cubao does not only have food but drinks as well, drinkers would have the time of lives here, no doubt!


Lychee Rita, Pina Colada, Mojito, Lager Beer in Cans, and Bear Beer that comes in three different variance which are Lager, Lemon, and Grapefruit; are just some of the awesome drinks you could get from Inhibitions.


Another drink station that you could try if you feel like it is not the time to be drinking some alcohol yet is The Juice Joint, which is of course, offering drinks highlighting delicious fruits giving you a taste of fun and joy with flavors such as sweet and sour.



Their Mango Shake, Green Glacier, and Blue Blast are just a few of their juicy drinks that would really cool you down in this very hot weather our country is sporting and very known of. Each of it is just a delight of freshness that is no doubt enjoyable!


Now that you are once again pumped up with energy, be sure your tummy has more space as there are still so much more here at Open Kitchen Cubao. You are even far from desserts still but don’t fret because you will get there.



Although, first you have to have delicious meals that are of our own cuisine, such as the Crispy Liempo, Crispy Pata, and Chicharon Bulaklak of The Archipelago by Barrio Fiesta, because nothing beats Filipino cuisine when it comes to hitting the Filipino palate just right.


For other meaty dishes, Hooked Steakhouse has some saucy dishes for all meat lovers out there! This food concept that is of American cuisine offers steaks that comes with some add-ons and sauces that would make you keep biting off some meat more so than you intend to!


The Pork Steak, Steak Sisig, and Steak Salpicao are truly tender and tasty! Each dish will give you a different kind of meatastic experience that you won’t ever forget so be sure to check out what other dishes for the strong they have.


Next food concept offers saucy dishes as well, but this one though, is famous for the sauce being slathered onto a wonderful dough dish. Go on, guess! 3… 2… 1… If you guessed pizza then aren’t you a smartsy-pantsy!?


The Piazza got some lovely pizza dishes for all pizza lovers, which can’t be denied, are many people! The Works and New York are both lovely dishes that can be enjoyed, especially if you are with your friends who are up for some good memories and great fun!


It is understandable that saucy dishes, as well as meaty ones, could make you thirsty. Good thing Open Kitchen Cubao has more drinks in store for you. As mentioned, they have beverages for some chill night and even just for a gleeful brunch.


Next drinks are of for the kids at heart, which means these drinks could also pass up as a dessert because it is sugary and all that nice stuff! The Oreo Dinosaur and Rock Salt and Cheese of Flow is such a wonderful burst of fun flavors that would not only revitalize you but also give you that sugar rush for that extra energy oomph you need.


After giving your taste buds a flush of cold sweetness, you are once again ready for a tasteful adventure that, this time, is full of delicious spice and punch of crunch! For some pica-pica and a whole lot more, Open Kitchen Cubao has Carnivore serving the hots for you!


Carnivore’s Dynamite and Blooming Onion are both a must-try that are a part of the great food choices you get to pick on when you eat with them so just sit back and decide on what you want to deliciously experience.


Moreover onto some snacks at Open Kitchen Cubao, Hot Bites has some chicken bites that are perfect for quick bites. Now, the word bites has just been mentioned more than enough, huh? Surely, it would make you grab a bite so be quick and try Hot Bites.


As you are to be eating up at Hot Bites, the Roasted Sesame Bites, the Loaded Bites, and the Honey Barbecue Bites are all great variants of chicken bites that have that crunch and tender feel, all the while being yummy!


Now, undeniably, there have been a lot of dishes that have been gobbled down, each and every one of them starring a delicious unique taste. With a lot of food comes a lot of drinks and surely this one is also a thirst-quenching exploration! As that is the case, desserts are definitely the perfect way to almost end this Open Kitchen Cubao adventure.


The Dip n Dough has some delectable Churros, Big Black Chimney, and Caramel Supreme that will not only tease your taste buds, but fill that huge sweet tooth of yours! With sugar in your system, it won’t be hard to keep up with buzzing energy in the Metro.


Last but absolutely not the least, Brewster Coffee has espresso, mochas & special lattes, coffee on ice, café speciato (flavored affogato), blended frappes, and Italian soda – perfect for coffee lovers and basically anyone who just wants beverages!


Brewster Coffee’s Crème Brulee which is a coffee based drink and Lime Cheesecake which is a non-coffee based drink are just both the perfect way to end the day. The flavors of both drinks are just a lovely touch to this already awesome dining experience.

Well, there you go! Obviously, Open Kitchen Cubao has so much to offer that would really work up your appetite and make you drool even more than you already are so do not think twice on experiencing this food adventure of a lifetime – only at Open Kitchen Cubao!

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