With Kenji’s Cafe, you sure will always have an ube-r spectacular time!

With the aim to provide the best Ube Pandesal in town, Kenji’s Cafe has prospered into a pastry shop that indeed offers that and more! If you are looking for different ube treats that are never a miss, but instead are a sure win, Kenji’s Cafe is undeniably the one you have to check out!

As people have raved about their highlight delicacy which is their Ube Pandesal, we decided to take a cheesy turn on that and got their Ube Cheese Pandesal (1/2 Dozen Php 280 | 1 Dozen Php 480) which is another offering of Kenji’s Cafe that surely got their customers enjoying their days even more.

With the Ube Cheese Pandesal being a hit – no surprise on that, to be honest – Kenji’s Cafe has taken it upon themselves to offer it in different sizes, one of which is thsir Jumbo Ube Cheese Pandesal (5 to 6 inches Php 160).This one is perfect for when you have a huge appetite for something soft, cheesy, and rich in that delectable ube flavor!

That’s not all that Kenji’s Cafe is offering though, because if you want something more of a decadent treat to delight in, then you better go for their Ube Leche Flan (Llanera Size Php 280) as this one will give you that classic ube enjoyment you adore digging into alongside that much-loved ube fun. This one is truly of two yummies in one treat!

However, why stop with two when you can have three goodies in one delicacy? Well, if that got you hooked, then their Ube Leche Flan Cake (8 inches Php 680) is the one you should not miss out on. This delectable surprise will give you a drool-worthy journey in every mouthful.

Kenji’s Cafe definitely is bringing their A Game with all these ube-fied goodies they are offering and if you think this is all they got, then you are wrong, because they have more. If you want to see and taste more of their offering, then head onto their Facebook and Instagram Pages now.

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