With Tita Siok, you can have Kikiam whenever you want to

Regardless if you want to pair this dish with rice or not is totally your call, because really, as much as we find it tasty as it is, we could also not deny how much we loved every mouthful with it that came with rice. Tita Siok Eatery’s Kikiam is a must-have at home — yes, you should definitely stock up on this.

Tita Siok Eatery is all about bringing satisfying dishes to the comfort of your home and let us tell you that they are doing that excellently. With a selection that is of homey, yummy viands, their Kikiam is actually a crowd favorite among others.

Homemade, prefried, and just waiting to be eaten with enthusiasm, Tita Siok Eatery’s Kikiam is surely meaty in every bite. No kidding, this dish is filling, so expect a full tummy after having a good time with it.

As much as this Kikiam by Tita Siok Eatery can be enjoyed right away, do keep in mind that you may also keep it in the freezer for up to 2 months — which is great, because stocking up on this goodie is always a good decision. This dish is easy to have anyway when the time to have it again comes.

Tita Siok Eatery’s Kikiam can be prepared and eaten 2 ways after having it frozen in the freezer some time. Delighting in it one way or another is totally your call — you can go for its Well Done version or its Crisp Outside, Moist Inside version.

To find out how to achieve your preferred Tita Siok Eatery’s Kikiam version, check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more details. Feel free to also drop them a message when you have any queries or when you want to order.

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