Wok It Out is always jam-packed, that’s for sure!

A lot of diners return to Wok It Out and obviously, we are one of those people because here we are for the second time around. Seriously, we knew we were coming back the first time we got a taste of their dimsum!

Anyway, since this is our second visit already, we made sure to get a few of what we already had and then added a number of their dishes that we hadn’t tried last time. They just really have a wide selection of budget-friendly Taiwanese dishes that we just can’t get enough of, so you better be ready to get hooked as well because as early as now, we are telling you, you won’t be able to stop once you have started!

Salted Egg French Beans

We started with a salad of theirs the last time, and so this time, we went for a veggie dish of theirs. Their Salted Egg french Beans (Php 108) is such a delight to have. We loved how crunchy and yummy this one is, especially since we paired this with their delicious Shrimp Fried Rice. You know us—we can’t live without rice.   

Noodles in Chili Wonton Oil
Pork Wonton in Chili Oil

Next we had their flavorful Noodles in Chili Wonton Oil (Php 158) which really gave us that yummy kick of spice! This is just so good! However, since we love spicy food, we then decided to have this with another Wok it Out dish that packs a punch, and that is none other than their Pork Wonton in Chili Oil (Php 128). Then we also had Kutchay Dumplings (Php 108) on top of that—we just really can’t have one Wok It Out dimsum, okay?

Dimsum Platter

If you think those are the only dimsum we had with Wok It Out, then you thought wrong because we also snatched their crowd favorite Dimsum Platter in a Small Platter (Php 1000). This one includes their bestselling dimsums and it is good for 5 to 8 people; and undeniably, we had more than a good time with this! It’s just so yummy!

Wok It Out

Speaking of a Wok it Out dish that comes with more than just a generous serving, their Chops Tray Bundle (Php 1600) is another heavy platter to go for. This has their signature Chicken Chops and Pork Chops, and obviously this is another reason to treat yourself, especially if you are one to enjoy crispy, juicy, and tender cuts. Yum!

Wok It Out

Tying it altogether, their Freshly Brewed Iced Tea (Php 68) as well as their Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Php 78) are great drinks to pair with Wok It Out dishes. Seriously, these two are revitalizing and delectable at the same time.

Catch more of this drool-worthy Wok It Out goodness! Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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