Wondering what to add to your life? Adzweets!

Do you feel like you are missing something? Well, why don’t you try to add something in your life? Particluraly, sweets. Add sweets in your life. “Adzweets”. Yes, that’s our intro and it is cheesy.

Adzweets is online food store offering a line of sweets, prepared and baked from their humble kitchen. From bread to cookies to cupcakes to whole cakes, Adzweets has all that covered, so again, if you feel like you are missing something, go for Adzweets.

First up? None other than their Banana Bread that comes in two variants. One is Classic (Php 180) and the other, Crumble (Php 200). These are easy favorites as they are a comfort food that is enjoyed by many. You can even add some Chocolate Chips to it for just Php 30.

Next is their Cheesecake Cups (Box of 6 Php 220) which are a champion on the hearts of kids and yes, even kids at heart. This one comes in Classic, Strawberry, and Blueberry — truly, it so going to be easy to win anyopne’s heart with these oh-so-fun yummies.

As those Cheesecake Cups will have you addicted, you might also want to go for their Basque Burnt Cheesecake which is perfect for special occasions or casual days that you want to make special. You can have this one in either Classic (6″ Php 500 | 8″ Php 1100) or Ube (6″ Php 580 | 8″ Php 1000).

As mentioned, Adzweets also has cookies and whole cakes which you can actually customize. Know more about Adzweets as they are up on Facebook and Instagram. Also, here is their Order Form if you are ready to place an order.

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