Wondering what to get at Cafe Lyon? Here are 6 selections you could choose from!

Have an indulgent dining experience by having meals with Café Lyon. Offering Europen cuisine, the palate will sure be feasting on a lot of different food options, especially ones that are of French and of British. With a plush design and feel, diners get to be cozy on comfy seats and wooden tables. They also have a huge space ready to cater big groups of friends, family, and even colleagues. However, if their diners want a more private setting, they have function rooms available as well that are up for reservation.

Anyway, to get a gauge on what returning customers really love at Café Lyon, here are 6 yummy selections to go for with them.

1.) Soup or Salad

Start the Café Lyon experience by having their French Onion Soup (Php 250) which is a hearty soup consisting of meat stock and caramelized onions, served gratinéed with croutons and cheese; as well as their Salad Lyonnaise (Php 330) which is a light salad composed of lolo rosso and arugula, tossed in a sherry vinaigrette dressing and finished with bacon bits, croutons, French beans, cherry tomatoes, and a poached egg.

2.) Hearty Meals

Following their starters, of course, there is no other way but to jump into some of their satisfying hefty dishes like their Pot Au Feu (Php 320) which is of beef shank and bone marrow simmered in a light broth with vegetables and fresh thyme and herbs; and their Seafood Stew (Bouillabaisse) (Php 420) which is a traditional provencal seafood stew consisting of assorted fish and seafood cooked in seafood stock and red wine, with vegetables and fresh herbs, served with country bread and rouille.

3.) Macaroni Au Gratin & Quiche

And of course, another dish to not miss out on Café Lyon is their Mushroom, Cheese, & Truffle (Php 420) which is made with creamy béchamel sauce, baked and finished with a melted cheese topping. This one is good for sharing, so better call the gang! Meanwhile, the Lorraine-Bacon Quiche (Php 290) is a French tart filled with savory custard and bacon, but with this diners don’t get to take this home as they get to finish it in no time!

4.) Breakfast Sets (available daily from 7 to 11AM. All breakfast sets come with your choice of deink: Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea, Fruit Juice, or Iced Tea)

People do love breakfasts, so Café Lyon surely has a bunch of that, too. Their Plain French Omelet (Php 300), French Toast (Pho 260), and Croque Monsieur (Php 410) which is a dish that is of ham and cheese sandwich filled with mornay cheese sauce and gratineed with more mornay sauce are all just straight up yumyum to the tumtum.

5.) French Crepes & Waffles

Café Lyon really has a wide slection of food for their diners to not just enjoy, but to get satisfied with. Their French Crepes are categorized into two and those are savory (made with buckwheat flour) and sweet (made with PA flour). For their savory, go for their Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese (Php 350) while for their sweet offering, their Chocolate Strawberry (Php 250) is the bomb! Another sweet option that their patrons come back for is none other than their Banana Nutella Waffle (Php 250) because there’s just no reason why not.

6.) French Desserts

And of course, dining with Café Lyon is not complete without their French Desserts. Devour their Apple Pie (Php 280) which is a flaky pastry filled with Granny Smith apples sprinkled with sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon juice, and streusel topping; Lemon Tart (Php 250) which is of butter flavored shortening crust filled with lemon curd; and Banana Nutella Galette (Php 250) which is a flaky pie dough filled with fruit and baked until golden brown.

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Address: Ground Floor Shangri-La Plaza Mall, 1552 Mandaluyong, Philippines

Contact Information: (02) 635 9625

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