Wu’s Kitchen Now Open at Estancia!

Are you big on flavor? If you are, then we have the perfect restaurant for you! Wu’s Kitchen is highlighting Asian cuisine and yes, they, too, are big on flavor! Each and every dish they have are surely well-spiced and well-flavored that your palate and you, of course, will have a great time.

From dimsums to roastings and everything in between, Wu’s Kitchen has all that covered! If you can’t handle the waiting time during a delivery and you want to completely experience the whole of Wu’s Kitchen, then do know that you can at Estancia. However, you have to keep in mind and practice social and physical distancing at all times, of course.

Anyway, you can first reach for their Tausi Spareribs (Php 155) to kickstart your flavorful adventure with Wu’s Kitchen. You can even amp that up with some rice by getting their Tausi Spareribs Rice Toppings (Php 245) or their Tausi Spareribs and Chicken Feet Combo (Php 245).

Looking for more rice options? Wu’s Kitchen has a bunch of that too! If you want rice with meat, then their Beef Brisket Rice (Php 265), Lechon Macau with Rice (Php 260), and Charsiu with Rice (Php 260) are three yummy ways to go. However, if you are more of a rice with poultry kind of person, then their Premium Roasted Duck with Rice (Php 300), White Chicken with Rice (Php 220), Soy Chicken with Rice (Php 220), and 3 Roasting Combination with Rice (Php 370) will absolutely not disappoint!

Other than these dishes with rice, you can further carb it up with Wu’s Kitchen’s delicious congee options. Their Wu’s Supreme Congee (Php 380) as well as their 3 Roasting Congee (Php 380) are just two of what you could get. These choices are not only tasty, but filling as well.

Speaking of filling choices, you can make your meal time with Wu’s Kitchen more satisfying by adding a short order like their Salt and Pepper Roast Duck 1/4 (Php 750) or a soup, specifically their Duck Misua Soup (Php 245). Besides that, you can also check out their Noodle Soup line wherein you will find their Charsiu with Noodles (Php 280), their Charsiu & Wanton Noodles (Php 285), their Beef Brisket & Wanton Noodles (Php 265), and their Premium Roasted Duck with Noodles (Php 320).

Want more bite on your noodles, you also have the option to enjoy braised noodles. Their Three Roasting Combination with Braised Noodles (Php 380), their Charsiu with Braised Noodles (Php 280), their Lechon Macau with Braised Noodles (Php 280), and their Premium Roasted Duck with Braised Noodles (Php 320) are just a couple of what you could grab and indulge in.

Of course, make the most out of your Wu’s Kitchen’s journey and love up as much of their HK Roasting as possible. Their Soy Chicken (1/4 Php 290 | 1/2 Php 570 | 1 Whole Php 850), White Chicken (1/4 Php 290 | 1/2 Php 570 | 1 Whole Php 850), Lechon Macau (1/4 Php 450 | 1/2 Php 850 | 1 Whole Php 1550), Charsiu Pork Belly (1/4 Php 400 | 1/2 Php 720 | 1 Whole Php 1300), and Premium Roasted Duck (1/4 Php 650 | 1/2 Php 1150 | 1 Whole Php 2100) are just a couple of luscious choices that would really just make you want to go for a second round right away.

All of these you could take your time with and absolutely just let yourself get lost in at Wu’s Kitchen! Plus, if you think these are all you could get from them, then think again, because they have more dishes just waiting to be snatched.

Know more about Wu’s Kitchen and the dishes they have up for grabs by visiting their Social Media Pages — Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!

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