Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum: Serving you HK Roastings and a whole lot more

Hong Kong might be known to be one of the world’s happiest places, but other than that, Hong Kong is famous for their Cantonese-style roast duck as it is no doubt their hallmark dish in their very much colorful and delicious traditional cuisine. With a promise of swooning-with-happiness with just a single bite of its crispy, crackling skin and tender, juicy flesh, roast duck is a dish that is definitely worth more than just a try.


And if having some roast duck in Hong Kong is your problem, then worry no more as you no longer need to travel miles away from your much-loved couch because just around Kapitolyo you will be able to find this delicious gem of a restaurant serving the hots that is not only of your much-craved roasting, but a load of other Hong Kong dishes as well.


Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum is a Chinese restaurant that opened just the love month of 2018; ran by a wonderful family; and have been giving people the taste of the vibrant and downright delicious flavors and splendid textures of different Chinese dishes.

Their menu is sure to wow you with their daunting food offering that ranges from dimsum, rice toppings, noodles, soup, congee, short orders, vegetables, desserts, and of course to the yummy Hong Kong roasting such as pork and duck.

Kuchay Dumplings


Shark’s Fin Dumplings
Japanese Siomai
Pork & Shrimp Siomai
Shrimp Hakaw
Tausi Chicken Feet

From their Dumplings selection, the Kuchay Dumplings (4 pieces Php 140) is a tasty fire of flavors to your palate and is surely enjoyable; just like the classics such as the Shark’s Fin Dumplings (4 pieces Php 130), the Japanese Siomai (4 pieces Php 130), the Pork & Shrimp Siomai (4 pieces Php 125), and the Shrimp Hakaw (4 pieces Php 130) are another bunch of dumplings that are delectably lovely. While the Tausi Chicken Feet (Php 90) is a flavorful one for the adventurous.

Jumbo Pao

Another dish from the Dumplings selection which is of a huge fun treat is the Jumbo Pao (Php 85) and you have got to have at least one when you dine at Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum.

Wu’s Pansit Canton
Beef Broccoli
Sweet & Sour Pork
Lemon Chicken

After having a fill of those, the next one you should go for are some of the splendid dishes from Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum’s Short Orders selection which can make 3 to 4 folks satisfied and all smiles. First up, the Wu’s Pansit Canton (Php 320) is a yummy-guisado-slurp-fun that is lip-smacking good. While for some flavorful meaty ones, the Beef Broccoli (Php 380), the Sweet & Sour Pork (Php 330), and the Lemon Chicken (Php 320) are just a few of the great viands that are saucy and sumptuous.

Beef & Wanton
Roasted Asado and Duck with Noodles

If the Wu’s Pansit Canton had you wanting, if not craving, for more luscious slurp exploration, then better check out their Noodles selection because Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has a number of noodle dishes that are of not only appetizing, but are of hefty serving as well, such as the Beef & Wanton (Php 160) and the Roasted Asado and Duck with Noodles (Php 250) which are both an easy favorite so be sure to call first dibs!

Asado Congee
Pork Century Egg Congee

When you are done eating up all those bowls of goodness, their Congee selection is another type of bowls of yumminess that are not something to miss out on, especially the Asado Congee (Php 180) and the Pork Century Egg Congee (Php 135), each mouthful of it having a unique taste and feel that is absolutely palatable as each is topped with tender protein and crunchy veggies.

Wu’s Chopsuey
Minced Pork with Eggplant

Of course, the touch and taste of crunchy veggies to your mouth is surely mouthwatering so it is great news that Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has some dishes highlighting your favorite healthy food choices like the Wu’s Chopsuey (Php 310) and the Minced Pork with Eggplant (Php 320) which both are splendidly fun to eat as both are filled with nutritious veggies that are loaded with some crunch punch and delightful meat.

Now, as we started this with some teasing of the tempting dish that is Hong Kong’s trademark dish, Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has a ton of HK Roastings in their menu that you should hands down treat yourself with and indulge in, such as the Roasted Asado, Lechon Macau, Roasted Duck, Premium Roasted Duck, White Chicken, Soy Chicken, Fried Chicken, and Fried Pigeon which should be ordered in advance.

3 Roasting Combination (Php 1200 for 4 to 6 pax) which includes Roasted Asado, Lechon Macau, and Roasted Duck
4 Roasting Combination (Php 1550 for 6 to 8 pax | Php 1880 for 8 to 10 pax) which includes Roasted Asado, Lechon Macau, Roasted Duck, & Soy Chicken

With those different roasted meats that are all equally scrumptious, it is no surprise that it would be a hard decision to make as to which one to order, but do not fret because Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has some roasted combinations such as the 3 Roasting Combination (Php 1200 for 4 to 6 pax) which includes Roasted Asado, Lechon Macau, and Roasted Duck and the 4 Roasting Combination (Php 1550 for 6 to 8 pax | Php 1880 for 8 to 10 pax) which includes Roasted Asado, Lechon Macau, Roasted Duck, & Soy Chicken. As these roastings are already great on their own, the roasted asado is actually a delight with the hoisin sauce, while the roasted peking duck also has its charm when paired with the hoisin sauce and with the plum sauce, and the lechon macau is a great-tasting wonder with the liver sauce.

Roasted Asado & Macau
Roasted Duck

If you want to put more twist on those HK Roastings then you can have them either with rice or with braised noodles just like the Roasted Asado & Macau being great with rice (Php 230 | with braised noodles Php 240) and the Roasted Duck goes really well with rice (Php 270 | with braised noodles Php 280) as well. These ones come with bokchoy and special sauce which just make each dish extra special than it already is.

Custard Buns

All full with not only awesome food, but also with glee, Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has some desserts which are just an amazing way to go when you are feeling like you need some sweetness not only in this certain meal time, but also in your life. The Custard Buns (3 pieces Php 130) and the Buchi (3 pieces Php 110) are cute, charming balls of happiness that would totally hit your sweet spot.

Wu’s Milktea
Black Gulaman
Hong Kong Mango Shake

For more sweetness, but this time in the form of drinks, they have a wonderful selection that would really lift your spirit up as you ready yourself for more munching if you feel like it. The Wu’s Milktea (20oz Php 110) is an easy favorite especially with its adorable color that would intrigue you into sipping more and more. While the Black Gulaman (Php 100) is a fun-filled drink as this one comes with some gelatinous texture in every sip. Lastly, the Hong Kong Mango Shake (Php 85) is the perfect drink if you want something fruity to revitalize you with zinging energy.

Wu’s Kitchen Roasting & Dimsum has just started their grand journey into serving people with tremendous dishes that are certain to take your breath away as each dish is like a promise of bringing the streets of Hong Kong to you and you are expected to do nothing but to just sit back and dig in.

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Facebook:  Wu’s Kitchen PH

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Address: 707 Shaw Blvd, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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