#YEAHkiniku: Give way for Yoshimeatsu and enjoy a wonderful meat all you can dining experience like no other

Starting a wonderful hype of grilling lots of meat, a staff welcomed us upon entering by shouting, “Welcome to Yoshimeatsu!”, at the top of his lungs, and if you are lucky enough to have a crowd of happy barbecue fans who have the gall to ride with the fun, you’ll be hearing lots of shouting back as well.


We got here at a busy time so it is no surprise the place was jam-packed with people, considering the place doesn’t have much seating options so be sure to be here real early if you want to be able to get the best spot you can have! With the year 2018 being the year of unlimited barbecue, most probably, we can say that it isn’t new for people to line up for an hour or even two just to experience the latest unlimited barbecue that has been making a buzz for quite some time already – one of which is Yoshimeatsu, a Yakiniku Restaurant that is promising the ultimate #YEAHkiniku experience!


Recently opened back in August of this year, this place is a breather especially for people who are not that acquainted of a Japanese grill house. As Yoshimeatsu brands itself as a 100% authentic Japanese Restaurant serving not only genuine, but also sensibly handcrafted dishes that are of Japanese cuisine, of course.





Other than that, Yoshimeatsu gives your meat all you can meal time a whole new level with both highly innovative and convenient dining experience as each of their tables doesn’t only have a designated crew you can request refill from, but also features a built-in tablet in which you can send orders directly from the kitchen.


Upon seating, your table will already be filled with some Japanese dishes such as Yoshi Ebi Maki, California Maki, Spicy Tuna Maki, Ebi Tempura, and of course lettuce in which you can wrap your chosen grilled meat with.



The Sushi Rolls which are Yoshi Ebi Maki, California Maki, and Spicy Tuna Maki are all bursting with wonderful flavors but remember that these are all just starters so you better get a hold yourself from getting full; because let’s face it, these may be one of the reasons you decided to dine here at Yoshimeatsu, but these aren’t actually the main event.


On the other hand, the Ebi Tempura served here at Yoshimeatsu is sure to make you order more than just one plate as its batter is a beautiful marriage of crispy and chewy, with the shrimp in it not only plump, juicy, but certainly fresh tasting as well.


Now, onto the main event, shall we? We truly enjoyed almost all the types of meat Yoshimeatsu is offering. We had Sliced Beef, Spicy Beef Yakiniku, Herbed Pork, and Spicy Sliced Pork Bouquet. Everything being tender and delicious, we just could not help ourselves from ordering more than just a plate of each. It is even so hard to name favorites as each kind of meat is sporting its unique yummy taste that will surely get you grilling more than you think you would.



Wrapping each meat with Yoshimeatsu’s vibrant, fresh, crunchy lettuce, then dipping it either in their sweet sauce or spicy sauce, or maybe even both, is positively a delight in every bite!



With that, we left Yoshimeatsu with not only satisfied cravings, filled tummies, but also with plastered smiles on our faces. No doubt Yoshimeatsu is one to try out to fully imbibe and indulge in it!

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