Yep, adulting happens. Fortunately, we can always end the day with “P.S. I love you, XOXO!”

Rolled ice cream, has been part of the news already for like five, six years now. And honestly, we still love them. If I remember it right, we called it “fried” ice cream in the first few months when it was first introduced to the market. Simply because of how it was made: pouring liquid ice cream base on a flat freezer plate then mix it up with flavors and whatnot. Flat it down to a thin layer, then scrape it up into small (or big, whatever you like!) rolls then serve it in a cute, fancy cup.

Well, XOXO is not your ordinary rolled ice cream parlor. Strategically located along the famous Bonifacio High Street in BGC Taguig, XOXO welcomes guests to enjoy the entertaining process of making their sweet, yummy ice cream rolls. Far from the usual colorful brands, XOXO boasts their minimal interiors using black and wood colors extending customers from kids to working adults who just want to keep their sweet dining experience classy yet simpler.

Upon opening their BGC branch we at What To Eat PH were given the chance to try six of their deliciously served ice cream rolls. But hey, these are also available in waffle cones if you’re up to eating it the traditional way!

Full Minty

My personal favorite among their originals is the Full Minty ice cream. With vanilla as the base, these little rolls of ice cream are flavored with yummy chocolates and fresh mint slice.

Golden Ticket

Another great variant is the Golden Ticket topped with toasted Nutella brownie, torched mallows, hazelnut, and Nutella syrup. Real golden, huh?

Strawberry Kiss

Another original is the Strawberry Kiss which exactly tastes like fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream. Perfect for sweet fruit cravings!

I know what you’re thinking: “aren’t these sweets too sinful for my almost-strict diet?” XOXO is all about bringing good yet delicious treats not only to little hoomans, but more importantly to adults. Can we say “thanks” to a couple of gluten-free cups of ice cream?

Matcha Lychee

One of them is the OMG – overloaded with honeycomb crunchies and chocolate sauce. Then there’s Matcha Lychee topped with white chocolate syrup and Japanese puffed rice.

The XOXO ice cream concept was originally born and initially founded in Bali, Indonesia. The guys who brought the idea here in the Philippines carried along few of the best sellers from Bali, and eventually developed local flavors Filipinos definitely love.

I Am What I Yam

From a couple of Pinoy flavored ice cream, we tried I Am What I Yam, a creamy ube-flavored serving with mochi, ube chunks, and barquillos. Which is not only super yummy but super Instagrammable, too!

By the way, remember Three Guys and a Grill? Well, the brains who brought us these favorite hotdogs and burgers are the ones who are also giving us the newest sweet-tooth-favored ice cream by the name of XOXO. Say what?! First, they gave you a caveman-experience with the grills then now they’re offering sweets! What more can we ask for?

Speaking of what more to expect, we got some real nice and exciting chika for you, you tiny adult! A little secret was spilled and it’s actually something we all were hoping for! Clue? S.P.I.R.I.T.S.

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The featured XOXO Ice Cream branch is located at the Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. They’re more than happy to serve your favorite ice cream between 11am to 10pm daily.

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